Arabian (arabian) wrote,

The Black Donnelly's -- Yes, Tis Awesome

Okay, I get it. I finally watched The Black Donnellys thanks to a desdemona_x -- a link I found at wisteria's lj. Really, really excellent show. I mean REALLY excellent. It had absolutely everything you would want in good TV and then some. Whoever is the actor playing Jonathan Tucker as Tommy is wonderful, just wonderful and the fluidity of the story told was just outstanding. I'm definitely recommending this one to everyone on the planet.

I must demur with the crowd though, I have a very strong feeling that I'll prefer the Snow Patrol song over the final scene rather than the one that's in place now. I didn't really like it and I imagined a couple of SP songs there that I thought would work much better, but I guess we'll see. Even though I've watched this now, I'm pretty sure I'll be watching it again come premiere night. This one's a keeper.
Tags: the black donnellys, tv

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