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Update on JD's movie, 'The Deep Below' Release Date?

Yes another one, but this one is very promising. As always from vysed who is in contact with the producer. If you just want the detail -- looks like March 13 is the DVD release date.

To read the full info from him read below ...
Here is what happened to turn me into a liar. This is a part of Hollywood people don’t usually get to see.
We had submitted our Master and all the artwork to the manufacturer of the DVD for which we were given a ship date- from which we issued our release date. My last email listed the sequence of events. We were then sent a test DVD, from which to pick our scene chapter entry points for the DVD. I sat down to watch the movie only to find the synch problems (the lips didn’t match the voices) were still there. I halted production because this is not a Chinese karate movie in which this kind of problem wouldn’t matter.

We finally determined that when the synch problems were cured the last time, the post production house made a new HD master, but they didn’t bother making new Standard definition masters (that are used for DVDs). So we unknowingly sent off a master to the manufacturer with the old problems. Obviously, our estimated release date got pushed. We corrected the problem again and we have sent off the new corrected master to the manufacturer. You probably have seen on IMDB that the new release date is March 13. That should be a good date, and our website will have the ability to accept orders by then.

There is only one check left. A final test QC DVD is made from the glass master DVD by the manufacturer. We get to watch that one before they press the button to make the DVDs. Unless their machines blow up, the release date should be the real release date.

I need your opinion on something. I was at a wrap party in LA and met someone who is waiting for Jason’s movie to come out as well. They asked if we were going to have a Jason Dohring T-shirt for the movie. I told her I didn’t want to offer a cheap T-shirt but I would look into a good quality T-shirt to put
Jason’s image on. My question is... Do you think that is something that others would be interested in? I’d like to have one out there, but if only one person wants it, there is no sense in getting them made.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed on he release date and please send along my apologies to the “girls.”


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