Arabian (arabian) wrote,

American Idol Top 24: How'd I do?

Not great, not good, but not awful!! I liked eleven out of the final 24. Behind the cut the eleven I picked, and what I originally said about them.

  • Blake Lewis (beatboxer) -- I don't know that I like him so much, but I found it interesting that his voice reminded me soooo much of Jason Mraz. He was interesting; I'm curious as to how he'll sound with a different song.

  • Sanjaya Malakar -- Indian boy. Lovely voice and I like his attitude.

  • Rudy Caradenes -- Last guy the first day in Seattle. Very good voice, but I understand why Simon said no right away. He went overboard, oversang it. But he learns some subltly, he could be very good.

  • Jordan Sparks -- NFL dude's daughter. My favorite of the night (but I sitll like Perla best!) I think she was a bit off in her tone in a few lines (I agree with Simon she wasn't perfect), but she sang a Celine song (and I ADORE Celine Dion) and I was impressed. She also switched between keys nicely. And just lovely smile and attitude.

  • Jason Sundance Head - Very good voice, but I'm not sure about his attitude. We'll see.

  • Melinda Doolittle - I admit I don't remember her, but I must have liked her voice to have jotted her down.

  • Nicholas Pedro - I admit I don't remember him from last year, but my goodness, was he bringing on the heat wave tonight. Talk about a voice made to seduce. WOWZA!!!! He's my loverboy for the season. I hope he makes it into the top 12. That voice made me melt.

  • Chris Sligh - I loved his speech to the camera. Seriously I thought he was going to say he saw himself, or make some sad sack comment about a loser he sees when he looks in the mirror, but when he said so straight-faced "Christina Aguilera," I literally laughed out loud. In a GOOD way. The whole 'crap' discussion had me LOLing too. LOVE his personality. (Justin mention and not negative, but I think Justin has nicer hair, more sculpted.) "Touched me right here," LOL again. Good, good voice. I like. My favorite guy. Period. I LOVE HIM! I was with Paula in freaking in joy. He's awesome! It's a girl thing. And he's the first person I clapped for when announcing he made it through.

  • Alaina Alexander - I'm sorry, but "Feeling Good?" is NOT by Michael Buble; he just covered it. Thank you very much. She's good, but she oversang, but she has promise.

  • Brandon Rogers - I really like his voice, and his attitude. Good, good, good. I a little too vibrato for me, but I still really did like. And I agree with Simon, overall, this guy is the best.

  • Hayley Scarnato - Lovely tone. I liked.
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