Arabian (arabian) wrote,

24 Wah!! Just when I was resigned ...

they pull me back in.

I read yet another comment from an exec of this show that Audrey is the love of Jack's life (gah!) and then saw tonight Chloe all mushy and worried over Morris, that I pretty much decided to just give up any dream of Jack and Chloe. And then, DAMNIT!! Jack and Chloe saw each other for the first time this season and this soft, sweet music played and they looked at one another and spoke in soft voices and there was tension (the good kind, you fucker, Rob Thomas!!!) and chemistry and I just about died.

Wahhh!! I want Jack and Chloe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't give me hope, you stupid show, I can't handle hope anymore. The letdown is too depressing.
Tags: 24, tv

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