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Grease TV -- Finally with the Broadway!!

I wasn't going to write this up tonight, but they are actually singing Broadway which I think will truly give a better indication of whether they belong here or not.

Max -- He started out strong, but he went off-key and wavered a bit during the song. ("Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" -- Which is frankly more pop than Braodway, but okay). 6/10

Laura - I don't think she sold the song that well, though she tried. She ended strong, but I'm a bit frustrated still because like Max's song, this one is more pop Broadway than Broadway. ("Jesus Christ Superstar") She did well, but could have done better. 6/10

Derek - Sigh, again with a more pop Broadway than Broadway. ("Footloose?!?!") I was much more impressed last week. Got the attitude, but I didn't like the song. Seriously, I cringed at the end. 4/10

Ashley S - Finally, a straight BROADWAY SONG!!! And one I really like ("Take that Look Off Your Face.") (I love Song & Dance, although it's not as well known as Lloyd's others.) She did the last note REALLY well. However, she was trying for anger throughout the song, but she came across more kinda dead. But great final note and having a Broadway song really helped in showing, you know, Broadway. 6/10

Kevin - Sigh, another pop/rock, not Broadway. Sigh. They did say musical, but it's still frickin' frustrating. I want Broadway! He's okay. Really?! This is the BEST they could get? These 24!?! REALLY!?! He just has no connect with the song. 4/10

Juliana - My heart hurts in anticipation knowing she's singing this song. At least "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" is totally Broadway. Oy. She can sing, I just don't like her voice. The softer notes were better than last week, though. I'll give her that. Overall, much better than Broadway. I do think her voice is much more suited to Broadway than pop. 7/10 (Gah, she got the highest score so far.)

Note: I'm not even listening to the judges because unless the singers are god-awful, they're being too nicey-nice. Annoying.

Okay, they are all singing better than we've ever heard them in this group "Phantom" number. EVERY ONE of them is strong. (Except Matt. Sorry, Matt.) Well, that was a little nice (unfair) showcase for Kate at the end there.

Chad - "My Eyes Adored You," yeah, it's from The Jersey Boys, but damnit, it's a POP song!!! He's such a cutie, I want to like him. And he's a good singer, he just isn't grabbing me yet. Had he been actually seeing Broadway, maybe he would! 6/10 * Whoah, Chad had the flu? I'm impressed.

Kate - I adore Evita, so any song from that is great, and here we go with Buenos Ares, another Broadway song. Funny how all the the girls are getting Broadway, but the boys so far are getting pop. Dude, she's no Patti LuPone. When she sang she sounded good (mostly), but she was talking instead of fast singing most of the lyrics. Her switches between tones is not very good and she shouts instead of sings and that "star quality" at the end was horrific, I don't care if all the judges say it was great. It. Was. Not. 4/10 (low score for that last horrendous bit alone.)

Austin - Gee, what a shocker! "Ease on Down the Road," another poppish song!! Damnit! So gay. Looks, sounds, dances gay. I know not every song is "Broadway" broadway, but that's what we should be hearing! Arrrgh. Sorry, I don't like him. 4/10

Kathleen - And gee, what another shocker, actual Broadway for the lady. Eh, at least I'm getting Broadway. But "Memory" gonna be hard shoes to fill. Well, she was good until the "Touch me, it's so easy to leave me" <--- that? Was horrible. Off-key, shouted, just bad. Nice final note. And she sold the song very well. 5/10

Wow, my Matt and Ashley were safe. Dang, I'm sure since it's up to the panel, they're both gone now. Man. I don't agree with Alli (sorry Ashley), but yes for Jason. He was my least favorite.

I actually thought that Ashley did the best of the two and Jason (sorry Matt) did better of the two guys, but Matt did really good. Much better than he has. Eh, maybe Ashley has a chance. I hope so. I love her. She is so pretty and sells the material so well. I thought she did a muuch better job selling it than Allie and she sounded good.

I love Matt, but I agree with saving Jason. That sucked! Ashley should have been saved. And it pisses me off because she wasn't the bottom choice from the panel and she DID do better than Allie tonight, so why did they even bother having a sing-off? Because the panel obviously had made their choice already. Boo!!!

Jason - Pop again, "That'll Be the Day." I don't like his voice. He should have been saved over Matt, but I don't like his voice. 4/10

Allie - Broadway again, "I Don't Know How to Love Him." I love this song. Ironically, probably the best female performance tonight. (Although she did lose breath towards the end of her high notes mid-song.) I still like Ashley better. Grr. But very good performance. 8/10

Okay, based on the final goodbye singing (and good choice, esp. for Sandy, man that almost made me cry), but yeah, Matt and Ashley A. so should have gone. Honestly, I really hope that Ashley grows and a few years from now makes it on Broadway on her own.
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