Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Allison Janney on 'Two and Half Men'

I was fastforwarding through the commercials during Survivor and swore I saw AJ. I was right! She's guest-starring on Two and Half Men this Monday, so I'm gonna be watching!!! Woohoo!! And there was a write-up praising her in the new Entertainment Weekly.

"This sitcom is not exactly a destination for subtle comedy, but it's still pretty depressing when one of the episode's biggest sight gags involves star Jon Cryer trimming his ear hair. This week's lone bright spot: Guest star Allison Janney (The West Wing</i>) playing Cryer's internet date. Their scenes together wring the most laughs and further suggest that perhaps waht these two and a half men need is simply one funny woman."

I think it's a good sign that AJ was able to get a good review even on THIS show and that it bodes well for her sitcom come fall!
Tags: allison janney, tv

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