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VM 3.12 Thoughts, yeah, uhm okay

Watched it, thoughts behind the cut.

So, Logan lied -- he was talking about surfer skank and not Madison. Congrats, Rob. Logan's the bad guy again. Yay!

I'm sorry, but how is it so horribly Madison's fault re: the roofie'ing. LOGAN brought the GHB!! DICK drugged the drink. Yes, it was crappy that Madison passed her the drink with spit, but my God! she had NO IDEA there was GHB in it! Madison is NOT, was NOT responsible for the roofie'ing. She's forgiven Logan and Dick, but Madison -- the only one of the three who knew nothing about the drug and she's the one Veronica still blames.

Sorry, I don't get how THIS is the thing that Veronica can't forgive. And her making Logan sleeping with Madison ALL ABOUT HER, did she learn nothing from season two? Not everything is about her. I'm sorry, I just - -I get that she's miserable and upset, but breaking up with him ... I don't get it. Give herself some time, some space, but ending it?!? Yeah, don't get it.

Seriously, it sure seems like the ONLY point of the reunion was so that Veronica could be the dumper as opposed to the dumpee to restore Veronica's power position.

I HATED the Logan/Veronica arc, totally, completely, absolutely hated every single solitary second of it. HATED IT!

Oh, and about the MotW, I totally called that Phyllis was the guilty party when Veronica first met her. I actually thought the MotW was really good -- even if it did feature hypocritical Veronica, her comment about people taking pics of her was horrible, while she was doing the same against Madison, and then ooh, her stellar detective work, yet again completely jumping to the conclusion about Tim. Anyone could have given her that bookmark, not just the guy who gave her the book. They don't come hand in hand. Gah. If this episode was supposed to make me feel sympathy for Veronica, didn't work, all of the progress from the last three episodes has pretty much been completely undone for me.

Adding a bit more that spewed out in response to another opinion: I'll continue to watch VM for Logan/Jason, and I'll enjoy to some degree L/V scenes because of the chemistry and I'm a whore for great chemistry, but yeah, any lingering belief that this show could be good again, that RT had an actual good plan, is not the most sexist, misogynistic showrunner right now? Just all went out the window. I was disgusted, so, so, soooooo disgusted. Congrats, Rob, you pretty much killed Logan/Veronica. And it's ALL LOGAN'S FAULT!!!!! Yay you!!!

Whatever, Rob, what the fuck ever.

and this one rather kicked me in the gut pretty badly. Sigh.

No, it needs more.


No more.

FUCK!!!!!!!!!! I just realized how completely and utterly Rob fucking Thomas undid it all. Remember when in Spit & Eggs Logan broke up with Veronica, he told her that she made him feel as if she always disappointed him? Well, look at the lovely reverse Rob pulled tonight? In the voicemail that Veronica'll never hear because the bitch got rid of it like the crap she thinks it (and he?) is, Logan told her that it's nice to know that someone still has such high expectations of him. And I really don't think he was being sarcastic there, no, he really meant that she had the high expectations of him to think that he wouldn't do something so horrible as have a one-stand after he broke up with his girlfriend and was completely unattached. So yeah, in the eight weeks between their break-up, because Veronica YET AGAIN though the worst of him, he now claims that instead of making him feel like he's a disappointment, she -- and only she, the great and glorious, perfect, pretty, pretty princess that is Veronica -- is the only one who has high expectations of him anymore.

Kill. Me. Now.
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