Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Ugly Betty Casting Spoiler

How does this show do this? Seriously. Like, almost always they have THE best casting ever!!! I had never heard of Christopher Gorham before this show, but like many I fell totally in love with his Henry. To the point where I'm half-way through watching the 2nd (final) season of his TV show, Popular. And now ....

they've cast his ex-girlfriend. I was ready to be all boo!hiss! about her because even though I love Betty and Daniel, I don't want them together now, I want them together down the road and I'm all for Betty/Henry right now, but then, then, then I just found out that they cast Jayma Mays as his ex-girlfriend! And many may know her as "Charlie" on Heroes, Hiro's brief girlfriend -- I know her from that too -- but I already knew and loved her from her turn in Red Eye as the hotel personage covering Rachel McAdam's character's load. So now, I'm like GAH! I can't hate her!!!! I love her!!!! She's a ball of utter adorable cuteness! Just like Christopher Gorham and if they have a smidge of chemistry, they will outcute Betty and Henry!! Because while Betty (and America Ferrera) is wonderful, she's not the same type of ball of utter adorable cuteness that CG and JM is! It will be an utter adorable cuteness explosion and I will die of happiness from it!!

How does this show do it?!? How do they do almost everything so dang right? (the exception, of course, being WALTER!)!!?
Tags: tv, ugly betty

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