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FIC: To Catch a Diary Thief (2/?) - (NC-17)

Title: To Catch a Diary Thief
Characters/Pairing: Logan, Veronica, Wallace, Troy, Cherry Winslow (OC), Annabelle Bonham (OC), Logan/Veronica
Rating: NC-17 overall; this chapter, NC-17
Word Count: 4,009
Summary: Veronica works on the case of the stolen diary, unaware that Logan and Wallace are independently working on it as well. Throughout the investigation, Veronica and Logan are coming to terms with their relationship.
Spoilers: References sprinkled throughout to events in seasons one and two. The only nod to season three is that she's working at the library; she definitely still has the LeBaron because I hate the Saturn. It is sooo not Veronica Mars.
Timeline: I conceived of this story before season three started and this is the way I had hoped Veronica would be with Logan, so although this story takes place around early season three, it is not canon beyond the end of season two. So, yes, Wallace's roommate does not exist in my universe.
Disclaimer: Rob Thomas, Warner Brothers, The CW, they own ... not I. This is just for fun, not profit.
Notes: (1) I would like to give huge thanks to my group of amazing betas who reread chapters multiple times and did so much to make this story a thousand times better than it would have been without their generous help. I am so very, very grateful for all you've done: Sowell, Polartruckin (Belinda), JaneDtwo and SeluciaV (Alli), you are all beyond awesome. (2) ~italics~ indicate what would be Veronica's voiceovers on the show. (3) Like Veronica Mars, I am fond of titles that are pun-laden and/or derived from pop culture sources. The story title is a take on the 1955 romantic comedy starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, To Catch a Thief. All chapter titles will be similarly pun and/or pop-culture related. If you're so inclined, guess the reference.

Previous Chapters can be found here.


Chapter 2: Bring it On

"We've been best friends since, like, gosh, forever! You know totally BFF! And then he," Cherry's voice took on a note of venom, "showed up." Her seething tone clearly sat unnaturally with her sweet, slightly high-pitched voice. Pausing, she looked down, nibbling her lip.

Veronica glanced over at Logan who was leaning against the kitchen counter, a half-eaten KFC chicken leg dangling from his hand. Automatically her gaze dropped and sure enough just a few inches away stood a patiently waiting Backup. The dog's predatory gaze was locked, his tongue lolling in Lunchtime! mode. As if feeling her stern glance, the canine turned to look at his mistress and after a hopeless staredown of mere seconds, he slunk away with a slight whine.

Oblivious to how close his snack had come to making an acquaintance with her pitbull, Logan brought the chicken up to his mouth for a bite. After glancing at Veronica, he focused his eyes on the now silent, tense cheerleader. Meeting his gaze, Veronica read the unspoken 'hurry it up' there and shrugged slightly in apology, her eyes widening in response to his equally exasperated stare. With a frustrated sigh, she straightened up and turned back towards Cherry, hoping she’d get to the point of her visit already. However, the girl was preoccupied looking toward the window pensively as if contemplating life, death and her latest pair of Manolo Blahniks.

Squirming slightly, Veronica silently wished for the power of the Force. ~ Perhaps a Jedi mind trick would get her talking. Cherry Winslow, you will speak now or get the hell out of my apartment so I can boff my boyfriend. ~ The girl did not speak. ~ Damnit! Apparently I'm no Obi Wan Kenobi. Sorry, Logan. ~

Rolling her eyes, Veronica frowned and then glanced back over at a smirking Logan who had finished her leftover chicken and was leaning against the counter. ~ The boy does know how to lean ~, she thought with a dreamy sigh as she took in the lovely sight of that lanky body that had oh so recently been pressed hard and hot against hers. Up her gaze went before she met his own and Veronica went warm all over as he undressed her with his eyes ... slowly and sensuously. His smirk was replaced by parted lips, wet and so very inviting. ~ God, I want him NOW! ~ Veronica gulped and closed her eyes, trying to control the shiver that ran through her entire body. She seriously had to get this girl out of her apartment.

With a quick, decisive turn, Veronica faced Cherry once more. "The clock's ticking, Cherry. Whaddya need?"

The clock was ticking and Veronica’s impatience was growing. Sure, her dad wasn’t due back until tomorrow but she still had homework to do and, more importantly, some nookie calling her name. The girl had been here for five minutes, managing to impart always-appreciated gossip about Wallace, as well as a detailed account of her ex-friendship ... but nothing about exactly what she wanted Veronica to do.

Cherry turned to look at Veronica again, but the girl only sighed and twisted her hands, making no attempt to get to the point of her visit and clearly missing Veronica's multiple signs of annoyance. And Veronica damn sure thought she was doing an impressive job projecting said annoyance. ~Tapping foot? Check. Tapping fingers? Check. Tight voice, lack of smile, eyebrows raised in irritated impatience? Check, check, check! ~ Casting a quick glance of longing towards Logan -- still leaning, ~Gulp! ~ -- Veronica pasted a smile on her face, and went the direct route.

"Who is he? Details, Cherry. Help me, help you." The cheerleader looked up and Veronica felt a moment of remorse, taking the edge off of her libido. There was genuine misery on the girl's face, and she couldn't ignore a pang of sympathy. "Cherry, what is wrong? I can't help you if you don't tell me."

"I, I -- slept with him."

A sudden noise from the kitchen -- the deliberate clearing of Logan's throat -- grabbed their attention, causing an embarrassed blush to spread across Cherry's face. He raised a hand to his mouth, quickly covering his smirk. Veronica narrowed her eyes but before she could say a word, Logan spoke, pointing his thumb down the hall. "I'll just go hang ..." and with another glance of 'hurry it up' -- mixed in with heated promise -- he quickly headed to Veronica's bedroom.

~My bedroom?~ She stared after him and squeezed her eyes shut in trepidation. ~Logan alone in my room. This? Could be a recipe for disaster.~ She ran a mental checklist and decided that the lack of dirty clothes and naked pictures of Logan out in the open made the room moderately acceptable for his unchaperoned presence. ~After all, Jimmy Hoffa is stuffed in the closet and there's no way Logan can fit in to my (cast-off) Manolo Blahniks. ~ Taking a deep breath, she turned back towards Cherry, offering her full attention.

"Sorry," she smiled. "Go on."

Laughing nervously, Cherry pushed a silky curl behind her ear and then took a deep breath. "I was waiting, you know, for the right guy." Veronica restrained a grimace, recalling that she'd felt the same once upon a time; things hadn't quite worked out as planned. "But when I met Troy -- Troy Vandegraff -- he just swept me off my feet, you know?"

Veronica's eyes widened at the name of Cherry's beau, but she controlled the urge to present all evidence about this particular snake’s wily ways with her own eyewitness testimony and simply nodded.

"Well, he, you know, we ... did it. He was my first and I wrote all about it in my diary. I tell my diary everything; have since I was twelve years old. I wrote stuff in there that I didn't even tell my mother or Annabelle. I hadn't even told her that I slept with Troy yet. It was too new, too precious, you know? It was just mine. Then," she paused and looked down again, her head shaking slightly. "Sorry," she whispered; the sound of tears in her voice threatening. She cleared her throat and glanced up, her eyes suspiciously bright. "Then he broke up with me, like, two days later --," the venomous note returned, "-- and started dating Annabelle, you know, my best friend."

She laughed harshly and a tear escaped. Quickly, almost angrily, she wiped it away and continued, her voice growing stronger. "She came to see me; she wanted to tell me herself so that I would understand. Understand?! I, ugh, I wanted to kill her, but I just cried and told her to get out, I hated her and then I ran into the bathroom."

Veronica felt another surge of sympathy having been victim to Troy's deviousness in the past, as well as the backstabbing ways of so-called friends, but her empathy only extended so far. She'd been a naïve fool once upon a time, but nowadays, Veronica Mars didn't suffer a single one of them gladly. ~I thought I left the Sweet Valley High mysteries behind in HIGH school.~ Outwardly, she nodded in support as Cherry continued, but ... ~Good Lord! 'Dear Diary, I met the supercutest boy ever today!' The girl was sweet, but how old was she? Thirteen?~ A breathy sob interrupted Veronica's none-too-kind thoughts and she cleared her throat lightly, forcing herself to concentrate on the cheerleader's story. Despite her annoyance with Cherry's lack of maturity, this could lead to some cold, hard cash ... and Veronica couldn't help but feel some empathy for another girl being done wrong by one Troy Vandegraff, juvenile mindset or not.

"When I came out later Annabelle was gone. The next day after class, she gave me the cold shoulder and flaunted her relationship with that rat bastard in my face. I couldn't stick around and all of our friends chose her; she's the head cheerleader, you know?" Standing up, Cherry took a deep breath and moved to stand by the window, looking out. She was quiet and Veronica waited a few moments before tentatively speaking up. "That's so ..." ~high school~ she thought with an inner grimace, "... awful," she spoke aloud.

In the aftermath of Cherry's words, Veronica decided that she should tell the cheerleader of her own history with Troy. She paused briefly before speaking because she wasn't sure exactly how Cherry would take the information, but it had to be done. "Well, in an interesting, you could say, coincidence ... I actually know Troy Vandegraff myself and I've been burned by him too." Cherry spun around, her eyes wide with shock. "No," Veronica rushed on, "I mean, not like what happened with you. In high school, I knew him; we dated for a few weeks, but nothing serious and, well, he was a jerk then ... just in a different way."

Cherry nodded, mouthing 'oh' silently. Standing still, she wrapped her arms around her waist and offered an understanding smile. "It's okay. I mean, so you know about him. That should help, I guess. You won't be fooled by his charm."

"No," Veronica shook her head. "You know the old saying, fool me once ..." She trailed off at Cherry's blank look and then pointed down the hall where Logan disappeared. "Ah, I'm rather immune to the Troy Vandegraffs of the world nowadays. My own brand of charming rogue offers a much more robust dose; he's a handful." Rising to her feet, Veronica moved closer to the cheerleader. "Look, Cherry, I'm sorry for what Troy and Annabelle did to you. And if I could help you, I would," ~if only to deliver some just goods to one Troy Vandegraff~, "but there's nothing I can do. I do mysteries, not revenge." ~Unless it's so *I* can sleep at night. And even before I knew what a weasel he was, Troy never cost me any sleep. ~

"Oh, I know. No, no, I just needed to give you the background, I guess." She smiled and moved to sit down again. Veronica backed up and -- with a surreptitious glance at her watch -- lowered herself onto the couch. With a deep breath, Cherry appeared to get her emotions under control and continued; "the following day, I heard some girls talking in the locker room. About me and some guy I'd, quote, spread my legs for, end quote. I confronted Troy and he swore that he hadn't said a word to anyone. As far as he was concerned, we'd barely dated so why would he even mention it?"

Her eyes shimmered for a moment with unshed tears, and Veronica waited while Cherry got herself under control. "Sorry. I almost believed him. I mean, he was very convincing and he did sound sincerely sorry that people were talking, but as he pointed out, no one said his name. Just 'some guy.' But still, I mean, who else knew? No one. I hadn't told anyone, just wrote it in my diary. Well, I got home and I couldn't find it -- my diary! -- I ransacked my room, but it wasn't there." Leaning forward, Cherry grasped Veronica's arm. "The only time my diary leaves my room is when I go on a trip, and I haven't left town in months. It was gone! And then I remembered --"

"Annabelle," Veronica interrupted quietly.

"Yes! Annabelle Bonham, my very best friend -- who stole my boyfriend -- had come over so sweetly to tell me in person. And I left her alone in my room. Veronica, I was in the bathroom for at least ten minutes, she had all the time in the world to find it and take it. She knows that I write everything in there; if she wanted to take me down once and for all, that diary would give her all the ammunition she needed. And it did.

"She stole my diary and I want you to prove it and get it back." Cherry stood up once more, resolve written in every angle of her peppy form. "I'll take care of the revenge myself."


"She's gone," Veronica called out as she headed towards her bedroom. It was definitely time to do a little making up. They'd developed a routine: Serious discussion that skirted around their issues (because issue-dealing was number one on the 'Things Veronica Mars Does Badly' list) resulted in -- as soon as possible -- make-up sex. Especially when the serious discussion/issue-avoidance was followed by interrupted coitus.

Opening the door, Veronica began to speak again, an apology already tripping off her tongue. "I'm sor--" The words died on her lips.

Logan lay on the bed completely naked; her mouth went dry. His eyes were closed and his hand was idly stroking his cock, which stood proudly at attention. ~Or depending on just how inopportune the interruption was ... a make-up blowjob. ~

Leaning back against the doorjamb, she let out a breathy sigh. Her face lit up in flames despite two months of sinful education from the fine boy lying on her bed. Feeling that heat spreading throughout her entire body, Veronica's knees went weak and she thanked the good Lord for the support of the wood at her back.

"I see you started without me," she managed to calmly drawl as if the sight before her gaze wasn't sending her senses awhirl. He didn't open his eyes, merely continued stroking. Veronica stood there watching him still, hypnotized by the gentle stroke of his hand.

Logan finally spoke up. "Are you undressed yet?" He paused. "Don't speak until the answer is 'yes,' which I know it's not because you're not moving and your clothes are not hitting the floor."

It was not quite a challenge, but it was enough to get Veronica moving. She grinned and pushed away from the door, unbuttoning her shirt as she headed towards the bed. While she removed her clothing, she kept her eyes locked on the slow up and down rhythm of his hand. Her top falling behind her, she unhooked her bra and then reached down to undo her skirt. With a quick wiggle of her hips, it slid down to pool at her feet.

"Panties," Logan instructed, and she tore her gaze away from his ministrations to see that he was now looking at her, eyes wide open.

Silently, Veronica sent gratitude where it was due. ~Thank you Victoria's Secret ... and thank God it was laundry day yesterday and the cotton granny panties are in the back of the drawer. ~ Under his heated gaze, she hooked her fingers in the sides of the soft fabric and slowly, sensuously slid the lacy material down her legs, smiling sweetly at him. "Happy?"

His eyes traveled her body in a slow journey from head to toe and then back again; her nipples tightened in response, heat flooding her. He didn't speak; he simply licked his lips and just looked from the curve of her breasts to his jutting cock. Pointedly. Shaking her head slightly, Veronica lowered herself onto the bed, her naked hip touching his, her eyes on the prize. "Down boy," she murmured softly.

"Not really what I had in mind," Logan commented with a wicked grin.

Without answering or looking back up at his face, she rose and moved to kneel between his legs. One hand pressed down on the mattress, while the other drifted up the side of his thigh before rounding under his flesh to give his ass a squeeze, timed with a saucy wink. The bright burn of his gaze lightened with a twinkle in response. Veronica gave him an impish grin. "Is this what you had in mind?"

Logan smiled, "yes." She kept her gaze locked on his as she lowered her head, preparing to apply herself to the task standing upright before her. Logan's eyes slid closed as her mouth formed an 'o,' her lips riding over the glistening head and curving about his swollen member. He moaned and the hoarse, tuneless sound played like the sweetest melody in her mind. Leaning forward, she took more of him in her mouth, gazing up at him from beneath lowered lashes.

The sides of her hair feathered burnished kisses along his thighs as she gripped his ass tighter. She sucked hard and deep while he moaned deep and long. Pushing her lips over nearly the entire length of his penis, she felt his shudders all the way to the soles of her feet and was grateful yet again that she was able to accommodate Logan's size, an ability she'd never even thought about before, let alone in relation to herself.

Shifting slightly, she felt, more than saw, Logan lift himself up just a bit. Out of the corner of her eye, she glimpsed one hand reflexively gripping the top sheet and then Veronica felt the other fall to her head. His fingers brushed through the strands, up and down, moving in erotic time with the up and down, in and out, lick and nibble, suck and kiss motion of her lips, tongue and teeth around the hard length of him. Even with the pressure of his hand, she felt no pressure from him. As he always was when she was satisfying his needs, he was gentle, soft ... Logan. Slipping her free hand from his ass, she circled both around his cock and pumped as his hips began to buck, thrusting into her mouth before he exploded.

After sucking him dry, Veronica straightened up, her hands wrapped around his softening member. She sat up, still stroking him, almost gently now. Reaching up, she wiped her mouth and then let go of him so she could hop off of the bed. Veronica could feel his eyes following her every movement, so she threw in a sassy wiggle for his benefit as she moved to grab a bottle of water on the bedside table. Taking a quick swig, she then held it out to him, but he declined with a sated sigh and lazy, promising smile that made her toes curl. ~My turn! ~ she thought gleefully and returned to lie next to him.

Scooting up, she half-lay across his chest and rested a hand upon the side of his face. "Hey," she murmured softly.

He leaned forward slightly, cradling the back of her head in hand. She lowered her face and her mouth captured the soft pillow of his upper lip, sucking gently and then her tongue slipped in, tasting him. Veronica pulled away slightly, raining whisper-soft kisses upon his lips, her tongue flicking out, dancing with his. Passion grew and she pushed her body up, her hands reaching around to grasp his shoulders, fingers sliding over his hot flesh, tangling in his hair. Suddenly, Logan flipped her over, his hands caressing every inch of her body that he could reach, while his mouth devoured hers.

~God~, Veronica thought dreamily, her nipples tightening, her body humming in anticipation because she knew -- from wonderful, exquisite past experience, oh how she knew -- what was coming next. ~The boy is a wonder with his mouth, his lips, his hands. Oh my. Oh. Jesus. My. God!!~ "Logan," she moaned aloud as he put that mouth, those lips, those hands ~Oh my! ~ to work. She was writhing, going mad with this raging passion that only he could bring out in her, only he could satiate, as he trailed down her body, before taking up residence between her thighs.

And then she couldn't think, couldn't even formulate anything beyond a solitary thought to praise ~God! ~ as he touched her and stroked her, licked and nipped, sucked and sent her senses scattering seven ways to Sunday. "Logan!" she cried out his name as she arched her back, and found herself able to pull a single, coherent notion -- ridiculously grateful that Logan Echolls gave as good as he got -- from the explosion going off inside her. ~Every damn time. ~

Amidst the clamor of blood pumping in her ears, the bed squeaking and her cries and moans of delirious delight, a new sound joined the chorus. One she couldn't quite place even as she recognized somewhere in the muted, rational part of her brain that it was not entirely welcome. Weakly swatting at the air in the direction of the noise, Veronica let out another lusty gasp as a new wave of pleasure swept through every inch of her body. Her own cries of bliss were followed promptly by same din; it was an enthusiastic barking that had a name she was quickly recalling.

"Backup, go," she whispered ineffectually as Logan's fingers thrust and pumped inside her, as he tongued her clit with incredible precision. "Go --," she tried again, but lost her train of thought and screamed, "GOD!" as one final orgasm ripped through her body, practically bucking Logan off of the bed. At her shout, Backup let out another mighty woof and jumped up on the mattress with an oomph, neatly finishing the job.

"Goddamnit!" Logan hollered from floor and Veronica tried to control the laughter that bubbled up, mingling with her heavy panting. She sat up, still in a daze, and reached out to scratch Backup who was gazing between her and Logan in adoration. "I'm going to kill your fucking dog," Logan growled from the floor and she couldn't help but giggle. "It's not funny!" He shouted as he rose to his feet. "Every goddamn time we have sex here, he knocks me off the fucking bed!!"

Veronica keeled over, laughing so hard now that her sides began hurting. She felt the bed dip as Logan sat down. Sitting up, she tried to speak, but the sight of Logan ineffectually trying to push pounds of pit bull onto the floor was too much for her and she broke down again. Turning to face Veronica, Logan smiled tightly and held up one finger. "Rule number one when we have sex at Veronica's place: Shut the fucking door."

"Honey, he just wants to play." A happy bark from Backup and an answering growl from Logan finally calmed her down. Biting back more giggles, she tilted her head slightly and tried to offer a conciliatory smile; he scowled. Sobering up, she sent him a look from beneath lowered lashes. "Well, I did have other things on my mind."

Logan growled again, but it was tempered with a sigh.

"Hey, at least I got you off first this time," she pointed out a glint in her eye that bespoke of laughter held back.

Noting the pout on his face, she moved forward with a sigh. Veronica leaned in and gave him a sweet kiss. She sat back and he looked up, eyes softening. Sensing the change in his mood, Backup leaned over and offered Logan a slobbery kiss of his own. With a long-suffering sigh, he endured it and then finally reached over and gave the dog a few pats before roughly pushing him off the bed. Barking a few times, Backup looked at him expectantly. With a menacing smile, Logan stood up, grabbed the nearest dog toy (a near-shredded rope-toy) and threw it out the door. With a bark of happiness, Backup scrabbled after it and Logan stalked over and slammed her bedroom door shut.

Veronica grinned, her eyebrows rising lasciviously as she patted the bed.

He came back over and threw himself down on the mattress, his long body stretching across its length. With an arm thrown over his head, he mumbled softly, "I'm sorry I threatened to kill your stupid dog."

Glad that he couldn't see the grin on her face, Veronica ran a hand over his chest and lay down next to him. "It's okay; if he believed it, you'd already be dead." She leaned over and pressed a hot, open-mouthed kiss over his heart. "Now," she murmured, lifting his arm from his head and sliding her body up so that their mouths were parallel, "where were we?"
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