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Is Veronica Mars still a good show?

Despite all of it's flaws ... do you think that Veronica Mars is still a good show? I do. With the exception of a handful of shows (Rome, Brothers & Sisters, Ugly Betty, The Office, 30 Rock), I think VM is still one of the better shows on the air ... at least for me.

I care about most of the characters, I enjoy most of the plots, I find it funny (except when it tries too hard) and overall, I still adore Logan and when she's not being a smug, judgmental, self-entitled pretty, pretty princess, I love Veronica. I do simply still enjoy it. Are there lapses in logic? Yes. But almost every show on the air has those. Are there stereotypical characters? Yes. Again, many a show has those. Are there episodes I loathe? Yes. (Of Vice and Men, I'm looking at you, how you made my skin crawl!), but out of the eleven episodes that have aired this season, I've had major issues with only two of them (OVaM and LotP and both had some stuff I liked, although OVaM can be put down to one thing: Logan.) and loved to really enjoyed the rest.

Do I think it's nearly as good as season one? No, although I will offer the caveat that despite not liking Veronica as much, and just wanting happy, happy, joy, joy for my couple, I actually think the Logan/Veronica arc is very well written. Still, overall, no, of course season one was much better. But then, I feel, overall that season three is a lot better than season two. I may not always like Veronica now (whereas I barely tolerated her through almost every second of season two), but the character arcs at least make sense. There actually seem to be character arcs, beyond a four-episode Logan arc that involved one of the most insipid characters ever created. And I'm finding the mystery of the weeks and players involved more interesting overall than season two. Yes, I miss seeing more of Weevil, but frankly I don't care enough about Wallace to even notice when he's in an episode or not. I like Mac, but I'm not gung-ho about her like almost everyone else and the less I see of Lamb makes me a happy camper. Too much Piz? Yeah, but I've been able to mostly ignore him (except for the afore-mentioned skin-crawling of OVaM).

So for me, I do still think it's a good show and when taking out the gnashing of teeth involved with being a psychotically obsessed Logan/Veronica fan, I still find it more enjoyable than a lot of the other shows I watch.

Anyone else? (For different reasons, naturally.)
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