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VM 3.11 -- Good, I'm liking this arc better already

This was another good one, I had a few problems, but nothing major.

- Is it me or was Kristen Bell REALLY over-the-top through much of episode? Almost every line was delivered as if she was on uppers, a reduced form of uppers, but none-the-less ...

- The look on Veronica's face when Max said that the look of Canada in MP room was kinda lame was PRICELESS! She genuinely looked offended/disappointed for a moment.

- The smile on Logan's face when Max/Chelsea reunited was so sweet and so happy for them. Love. It was so cute and it played into his earlier talk about romantic notions. He's such a romantic.

- I'm being shallow, I admit it, but Veronica's hair looked pretty bland through most of the episode and Amanda Noret (Madison) not looking good, that haircut? Ugh. That first outfit?

- So I guess that Dick is definitely Logan's roommate. Nice to clarify that ELEVEN episodes in.

- I actually really liked the MotW.

- The sex talk between Keith/Veronica in both scenes was just wrong. They're father/daughter. The first scene talking about the hookers was verging on ick, but the stripper pelvic thrust motion? Way uncomfortable and over the line.

- Keith and Lamb in the car was funny. I loved how Keith was all casual and calm and Lamb is doing double-takes. Hee.

- It was really interesting seeing Logan reacting to the ramifications of the case, he really seemed to care ... that is until he wanted to kick the guy out for sticking around so long. Hah!

- Lousy discussion for post-coital. I did like that we saw them cuddling, but why is it so impossible for this show to us their passion, as opposed to us just having to hope they have it. I mean, two small pecks in the whole episode?

ETA: Wait, the kiss in bed was good, would've been nice to see more, but that one was good. Nicely chemical.

- How can Veronica not know that Logan is that smitten with her ... that Logan loves her MORE than Max does Wendy? Seriously.

- Okay, he slept with Madison. Sucky, but they were broken up and he told her. Maybe he didn't say Madison's name, but he told her. He was totally talking about Madison. Surfer skank girl is just some faceless nonentity to him, as pathetic as that sounds. He obviously knew and disliked the person he slept with. Ergo, it was Madison. So, he didn't lie. He did exactly what she asked. She didn't ask for a name, so he did nothing wrong.

And if anyone (although I'm sure it will happen tons) rages that he cheated on her, I will scream. Veronica said it, I think Logan said it, Madison said it ... THEY WERE SPLIT UP! It is not even a question.

I don't know, this was good, I actually thought it was really good -- even the feminazi's were okay. And I know I say that I'm a happy camper if it makes sense and there is logic, and I bought all that happened, but still, why can't we just have them happy like they were here more than one episode? Furthermore, when they're together, why can't we see the passion?!? I think I'm just too emotional now, I think I'll have a better perspective later.
Tags: tv, veronica mars

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