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28 January 2007 @ 09:00 pm
Grease Reality, Live Show  
Well, I certainly have a better idea of all of the singers and their talents, but my goodness could the show BE any more a copy of AI? Sigh. Ah well. At least even the eh performances are going to be better than most of the AI ones. Yay Broadway!

I'm actually typing this while I watch it. So, thoughts during the show ...

I have to say I just love Olivia Newton-John. In the long line of celebs I've been a fan of, she was the first. The very first and she's still gorgeous. I love her. Now onto the contestants.

* Derek - Good. He had a very good Danny vibe and a strong voice. Excellent, EXCELLENT song choice.

* Austin - I'm sorry, I'm not going to beat around the bush anymore. He looks gay. He looks very gay. And I do not like his voice, especially his high notes. Not impressed. Gorgeous, GREAT BODY, but not impressed.

* Allie - I think she's better than that song showed. Bad song choice, very, very bad song choice.

* Kate - I wonder if sitting in the studio, the singing sounds better because I was NOT impressed with Kate's voice. But I know how it can really come across different in the studio and on TV. Because it sure sounded like she was not hitting all of her notes to me. Of course, it doesn't help that I've heard Celine Dion sing this song on live TV also and she hit every note out of the park and was amazing.

AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! My Matt AND my Ashley are back!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!!!!! Matt was my favorite guy and Ashley was my favorite, favorite girl. I'm SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!! YES!!!!

Bush and his "Blank Danny/Sandy" has got to stop with that. Okay, Matt, Ashley don't let me down.

* Matt - He's got the attitude. Yeah, I love my Matt. Still green, but I like him tons better than Derek and definitely Austin. I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's making me grin and smile and squeal. And clap with glee!!! Went flat on the "riiiigh" note, but eh, Kate was off here and there too. I don't care, I love him!!!!! And he was overall good.

* Ashley A. - She's so beautiful! Still so nervous. Come on, bring it up. I love her, but she's not bringing it, she's not ready. If she gets through based on her story, she might improve, but she's not ready based on this. So pretty though. And she seems like such a sweetheart. Ah well. (Cute dress too.)

See, Kathleen, I didn't think Matt was tentative, Ashley was, but not Matt, not anymore than others. (I still love Kathleen, though.) Ian, okay, I agree that Matt had some off vocals, BUT how could they hear that in Matt, but not Kate!?? And, sadly, I agree with Ian about Ashley's vocals. I also agree with Oliva (!) about how Ashley's expression does a wonderful job selling it. I don't know if they'll have more time to get better (esp. Ashley on her nerves). She IS a good singer we've heard that, but she NEEDS to get over those nerves.

* Jason - He has a slight nasal whine to his voice that I'm not fond of. I could see him as Danny, though. No, the voice is killing it for me. He's just not my vocal type. Sound whiny. I love this song though. And he was trying too hard to be cool. He wasn't cool, he was trying to BE cool. There's a difference.

* Max - I do love Max's personality. I love his voice. Great voice for Danny, too. He's a bit lacking in the presence department though. In the beginning he was cool, but then mid-way through it seemed more like he was trying to be cool, like Jason. I liked the jump onto the stage though. My favorite voice of the guys so far. I do love his voice. Well, okay, I didn't like the last two lines, he seemed to fall a bit off there. And I'm not sure it was the best song choice. The orange shirt? Bad choice.

I do agree with Kathleen about Max connecting with the material. As Ian said, "he acts what he sings," definitely. Olivia likes his peronality, we could be BFF!!

HAAAAAAAAAAAAATE the nicknames for the Sandy/Danny's.

* Laura - Best "Broadway" voice from the Sandy's so far. She sounds like she's on the verge of laughter though. Odd. I don't like her switch to the high note and her high note period. Lovely voice overall, though. That big WHY, sooooooo Broadway, but then she dropped it! She has promise. I'm going to put my issues with her vocally down to nerves for now.

* Kathleen - Great presence!!!!! But that's what caught me last week. HORRIBLE song choice. She has a Broadway voice, but this song is just a horrible, terrible, can't stress enough, how bad a song choice this is. Whoah, the cmeara man just went crazy. Too much arm-raising. Really bad song choice, but I still like her voice and love her presence and like Max, I think she connects well with her lyrics. I do love her voice and I love her personality.

Olivia is so cute. Love! (Olivia saw the presence too. See, BFF!)

What was so great about Olivia as Sandy? She's talented, sweet, gorgeous, sexy, awesome, sparkling, magnificent ... I can go on and on and on. She and John Travolta do have chemistry! They so could have used a better part of that scene that they showed! Dude, you don't need to "work" on chemistry, it's there. Olivia said it too (Totally BFF!) Okay, I still love her, but I'm fairly certain she's been botoxed to hell or had something something done. Ah well.

* Kevin - Seems like such a sweetie and I liked his impromptu singing on the street. I love this song, "Walking in Memphis." He's a good singer, but there's no soul, no emotion behind the singing. They're just words, he's doing nothing with him. Good note hold (better than anyone else so far), but there's nothing there. He's got no presence. A really cutie, but no presence.

* Chad - Stevie Wonder is great, but not to show Broadway range. He has a good voice, but bad song choice. I don't like his high note. The music is overpowering him. Not good for Broadway.

Jim is on crack! Cast Chad now?!!? I wonder if his performance was better live than TV. I agree with Ian that Kevin has one of the best voices here, but I just don't buy him. I like what Kathleen said about him, I agree. Good voice, but he needs to dial up the confidence, presence.

* Juliana - Like Jason, she has that nasal whine to her voice that I do NOT like in singers. It doesn't make one a bad singer, it's just something that I personally do not like. (It's kinda why I'm shocked I love Celine Dion and Idina Menzel so much, because both have a slight touch of it.) Anyhoo, Yeah, the more she sings, the more I'm sure I'd impale myself before buying a Broadway album she's on. I just do NOT like her voice at all. Lord, give me Austin. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard for me. No, no, no, no. Make it stop.

* Ashley S. - I'm thinking nerves are really getting the better of her because she sounded MUCH better prior to this performance. She sounds nervous and tentative. She has a Broadway voice, but dang, both Ashley's are beset with nerves. I admit, I expected much more from her. I think, hope, it's the nerves.

I do agree with Kathleen that Ashley has an open charm about her.

I like that we get the panel's pick on their faves, I do think that might help influence the vote and in this competition, I think the panel SHOULD influence the vote. Let's see if I agree or not. Hah! Not likely.

Wow, Austin and Ashley A sounded REALLY good together in that short snippet of them singing together. If they have chemistry, I'd be willing to buy Austin. Hah, I'm so easy, but seriously, chemistry is very important in casting Danny/Sandy. Gosh, I do enjoy this group number! Hee! That was fun!!

The panel's picks ...

Ian - Derek was in my top three, number two, Ashley S., I like her, but her nerves got the best of her.

Kathleen - Austin, well, I already stated my opinion on him, but Allie is in my top three.

Jim - Chad, maybe it came across better live, because he just seemed overpowered to me. Kate, no.

ANDREW LLOYD WEBER!?!?! That's a big name on Broadway (even if he hasn't had a hit forever).

Okay, rewatching the recap, yes, Kate did well on the note overall, but she was very shaky beginning it. And they chose the worst section of Matt's to show! Yeah, Ashley A. bit, but I still love her. Not the best vocal part to show Max, but good section to show his spark. Bad, bad, bad song Kathleen. Kevin may grow on me, but so bland here. Good voice though. Re: Chad, this must have played better live, because it was good, but not great. Juliana, no. Ashley S., she is good, but nerves did get the best of her and I don't understand why the panel didn't call her on it.

Okay, based on these performances, the three best for me were ...

Dannys --

1. Max
2. Derek
3. Matt

Sandys --

1. Laura
2. Kathleen (just because she chose a terrible song, thus #2)
3. Allie

Worst for tonight

Danny - Jason
Sandy - Juliana

Who I think will go? I have no flippin' idea. I'm afraid that Ashley Anderson will, and as much as I like her, I completely understand. She was by far the worst performance. I listed Juliana as MY worst because I can't stand her voice, but she was not wavering or cracking all over the place. Still I think that AA is beautiful and charming and sold her material (even as she was killing it). I'd like to give her one more week to see if she can get over those nerves, but not much more because ... come on, this is Broadway.

TWO WEEKS before a new one!?!?!? What!?
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eolivet on January 29th, 2007 06:06 pm (UTC)
TWO WEEKS before a new one!?!?!? What!?

Super Bowl next week. ;)

I will say I actually liked the Danny/Sandy nicknames -- it helped me keep track of them. I mean, they had twice as many people as AI has in its first live show -- I thought it was a creative way to distinguish them.

I do NOT understand why none of them sang a Broadway song. Unless that wasn't the "assignment?" (I missed the first five min of the show). I mean...you're auditioning for Broadway -- don't you want to show you can be competent with similar material? Why make it into an AI lite? :/

(Also, a lesson learned from AI: NEVER sing Stevie Wonder. EVER. ;p )

My favorite was Laura, too -- I didn't understand why the judges didn't like her as much. :(
Arabian: Justin_Shinearabian on January 29th, 2007 10:27 pm (UTC)
Ah, SuperBowl. So are we just going to find out who goes at the beginning of the next one I wonder?

No, they had 14 contestants, AI has 12.

They didn't mention it, but I think the producers (not Ian Gray) stupidly thinks that America won't be interested if they sing Broadway and I think DUH! It's a BROADWAY SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Justin Guarini performed three Stevie Songs (Blame it on the Sun (in the first audition and was told by Simon that this is where he says that America has better talent than England), Ribbon in the Sky in th semi's and was awesome, and finally the first live performance was "For Once in My Life" and it was so incredible, they judges literally had to just start shouting over the screams because the show is live and after almost 30/40 seconds of non-stop screaming, they had no choice to go on. And RJ's best performance by far was to "Lately."

I think it was the giggle factor, it was like she was going to break out into laughter after every line. I do think it was nerves. And the outfit didn't help.
eolivet on January 29th, 2007 10:37 pm (UTC)
No, they had 14 contestants, AI has 12.

Oh, that's right...I kept thinking they had 14 apiece. But still: the contestants were all about the same physical type (LOTS of blonde girls and dark-haired guys)...heck, the nicknames were the least un-ripped-off-from-AI thing they did all night!

I think the producers (not Ian Gray) stupidly thinks that America won't be interested if they sing Broadway

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Pop talent and Broadway talent aren't the same. Ask Simon freaking Cowell. ;p

Well, Justin Guarini performed three Stevie Songs

Ahh, OK. I'm just remembering the disastrous Stevie Wonder night on AI last year. I mean, everybody sucked. :x And Randy kept saying "Stevie songs are HARD!", like a hundred times. And I am easily influenced. ;)

Personally, I thought Laura's audition was perfect: she picked a song similar to the genre of "Grease," so she proved she could fit in with the material; showed off her personality while singing and the song seemed at least semi-challenging, which showed off her talent. :)

I kept yelling at the screen "Pick Broadway-like songs!!!" So, I liked Kate's "All By Myself" because it builds like a Broadway number (IMHO), but yeah..."Suddenly I See" and "The First Cut is the Deepest?" It's not "find the next cast of RENT." :p
Arabian: Idinaarabian on January 29th, 2007 10:47 pm (UTC)
I am going to get really, really frustrated if we don't see Broadway songs, but sadly, I fear that we won't. And that is JUST wrong!!

I liked Laura, but I didn't think she was perfect. However, I DO think that she was the best overall. Hands down.

The "Suddenly I See" was just so, so, so wrong. As for "The First Cut is the Deepest," frankly, I don't think anything would help me in regards to Juliana. I didn't like the little we heard at Grease Academy and she killed me last night.