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VM 3.10 'Show Me the Monkey' L/V Thoughts

Woohoo, a new batch of my Logan/Veronica analysis as seen (or will be seen) in The LoVe Shack Breakdowns for the new arc. I decided to do something a little different (a day or two later, but there it is) and I think I'm going to do this from now on. Instead of just the analysis, I'll be doing a mini-picspam to illustrate my points throughout the text. So enjoy. (Caps from

Scene One: Veronica Time

One of the reasons this scene really worked for me is because it is the only time viewers have been given the impression that Veronica moped this long over a failed relationship beyond the silent dump. And, of course, there was so much more that went into that (Lilly's death, her rape, her mother's abandonment, her friends' abandonment, her age, he was her first boyfriend). Here, we saw that even after almost two months, Veronica was still effected by even the mere sight of Logan in the same location as she. And that it was even effecting her eating. This is quite the contrast to what we picked up through the flashbacks in Normal is the Watchword, where frankly, Veronica didn't seem to care all that much. Less than a month later after breaking up with him, she gleefully embarked on a new relationship with an old flame. This time around, it's twice the length of time and Veronica very clearly has not even begun to get over it yet.

Now, I'm not going to include the other scenes in this analysis that illustrate the above point due to the lack of surface Logan discussion, but I'll briefly reflect upon them here. Six weeks later and Veronica still can't bring herself to even really think about dating, unless pushed. And even then, she does it with a half-hearted measure and clearly is not only not connecting with anyone; she's not even trying to connect. Why? Because her heart belongs with Logan. This is even further illustrated by her discussion with Piz later on.

While he was clearly still crushing on Veronica and was -- in that scene specifically -- laying his groundwork for a move from friend to more, Veronica was oblivious to his train of thought. Yes, she appreciated what he was saying, and she applied his philosophy to herself, but she did so without getting what was his motive behind what he said. In other words, there was bonding, but it was of a completely superficial sort. He was thinking of establishing a connection between them, meanwhile she was thinking of re-establishing her connection with Logan and both were completely unaware of not only the object of each other's thoughts, but both misread each other's intentions completely.

Veronica just thought he was offering a philosophy of life, being a friend, while Piz was applying that philosophy directly to her and how she is the "something good" as opposed to the "just something" for him. On the other hand, Veronica was admitting to herself that settling for "just something" would never do for her when she had "something good," i.e. Logan, in her life. Meanwhile, Piz thought that she was on the same wavelength as he in regards to a potential future between them. The fact that they were both thinking of two completely different aspects of this bonding discussion and that neither one had a clue that they were showed that even at the closest we've seen them, they are still so very far apart.

Returning to this first scene, essentially the Veronica we saw stabbing at her food in the food court so focused on Logan was an outward image of what was going on inside throughout the entire episode. Logan would not be forgotten and she was not willing to settle for anything less than him.

And speaking of that stabbing food, I don't know if this was deliberate but since I hold director Nick Marck in such high esteem, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that it was. Even though this was the half-way point of the season, by starting a new mystery and relationship arc, it played as a "premiere" episode of sorts. And, of course, the actual premiere of this show offered viewers their first glimpse of Logan through Veronica ... who was stabbing at her food, paying attention to Logan and not the meal before her. Again, whether intentional or not, it was a nice callback.

Although, obviously, the emotion involved was completely different. Hate had been Veronica's motivation in the Pilot, two and a half years later it is love. Say it with me now ... awww!

Scene Two: Reunited and It Feels So Good

Like their first kiss, part of what works so well for this one is the complete lack of dialogue. It's interesting because the preview for this episode including Logan opening the door to Veronica and saying her name with a question mark. However, in the aired broadcast, neither spoke. I think with both options open to the editor(s), the right choice was made. The look on both of their faces sold the scene more effectively than any words could have and would have, I believe, in fact distracted from the mood the moment created. The music was pulsating behind them and we were getting action from both sides at different moments. Logan sitting there, silent and still until the knock at the door and then he was up and moving -- a fluid grace to those movements I might add -- and there stood Veronica, silent and still. And then she was taking action, moving into his arms.

But let me back up and give their expressions more attention. Like with The Kiss, it was so easy to know exactly everything that was going through their minds based on the emotions evident on their face. Obviously this is an area in which both Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring excel. Hooray for us! On Logan's face, you could read surprise that she was there, hope for why she was there, a touch of fear of what was to come and then a quick flash of wanting as she rushed to embrace him. On Veronica's, we saw anxiety that he didn't want her, hope that he would and silent pleading to take her back just before there was an unspoken 'to hell with it' as she just threw caution to the wind and threw herself at him, hoping he would catch her. And of course he did.

I know many believe that this reunion will be short-lived and therefore hold little importance. I disagree with the latter point. This is the first time we know indubitably, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Veronica swallowed her pride and without any actual knowledge of the reception awaiting her, took the bulls by the horn and took a chance in a relationship. She likely called Logan in A Trip to the Dentist to apologize about her accusations, but (1) he came to her and (2) they were technically, actively still involved and she knew exactly where he stood with her. He wanted her and she was essentially allowing him back into her life. There is a similar note to her showing up at the Grand in Look Who's Stalking. While she did (like here) go to him, she knew exactly how he felt as he had confessed all the night before. Despite the result, when Veronica decided to go to him, there was no anxiety that she was unwanted.

The same cannot be said this time. Logan broke up with her six weeks before. And he clearly had held fast to that conviction. For all she knew, Logan could have moved on, could have been living the fast life, gotten into another relationship, etc. As far as the audience is aware the two have no mutual friends (and, no, Wallace doesn't count; he and Logan share a class, we've never seen them portrayed as "friends"), so Veronica would have no knowledge of what he's doing. So she not only took a chance ... she took a big chance. She swallowed her pride big-time on the hope that Logan missed her as much as she missed him, was as miserable as she. And that for one Veronica Mars is a pretty huge step.

Will it all fall apart? Likely. Has she learned her lesson in regards to their relationship? Likely not. After all, with the lack of dialogue, it's an easy assumption to make that once that door closed the two didn't sit down to hash out their issues, but instead tore their clothes off and went at it like wild bunnies. However, like other steps that Veronica has taken that haven't truly, well, taken ... she is still making an effort and that shows at least a willingness to try. And that is something that we have yet to see her do with anyone else. She does love Logan; I just don't believe she knows how to deal with the nature of that loving yet.

This, though, was a step. Another baby one and like her previous steps, it may (probably will) be retraced ... but each time she takes a step it shows that there is an acquiescence that the very stubborn, very intractable Veronica Mars is able to give in regards to Logan Echolls. This is a good thing.

As for the kiss itself, I did love how they couldn't keep their hands off of each other once they connected.

And my goodness, the angle and direction of this shot truly showed just how tiny Kristen Bell is in Jason Dohring's arms. And that even added a measure of vulnerability and trust to the moment and was yet another point in the pluses column of how these two work so well on screen together.

One other note, not so much analysis as observation but ... how hot was it the way Logan shut the door with his leg, refusing to let go of Veronica once she was in his arms for even the instant it would have taken to close it with his hand? Way, way hot. Muy Caliente!

Sweeping, romantic, desperate, full of passion and yearning ... that is what that kiss was. Another word for it: Epic.

Scene Three: Breakfast for Two

I know many felt that this scene was a disappointment because it seemed more about Piz than Logan and Veronica. On a pure shipper level, yes, I would have preferred to not have it at all. However, from a dramatic point of view I had no problem with it. I believe it made perfect sense that it didn't end on the kiss, but instead on the Piz and LoVe scene. The conversation between Veronica and Piz earlier brought up Piz's crush and so there was that thread being played out in this episode. Had we not seen a reaction scene from Piz finding out that she was back with Logan (where she belongs, ahem), it would have been left dangling and would we have really wanted that aspect drawn out into another episode? No. The inclusion of this scene actually gave us a bit of closure for the time being. (Yes, grumble, for the time being ... but I'm thankful for small favors.)

I also just plain enjoyed other aspects of the scene. The intro of Veronica sitting there was just nice. She looked so relaxed and rather at peace. Even the way she was tapping/running her fingers over the table was done gently. She was content, a slight, almost dreamy smile on her face. When Piz walked up, yes, she smiled widely, but I don't think it was for Piz, but instead merely because she was happy. And when a person is truly happy, they want to share that happiness. Furthermore, when Piz offered to buy breakfast, she didn't look upset or guilty. Her expression was one of disappointment for him because, well, she had other plans.

Finally -- the bestest! -- when Logan came up behind her and then sat down, Veronica turned to look at him and she was genuinely smiling. A sweet, soft smile for Logan and as they looked at one another for those few seconds it was like no one else was there ... not even the other guy sitting at the table. When Veronica remembered Piz was there and turned to look at him (kudos to Kristen Bell), her smile faded just the slightest with realization that he was basically going to be a third wheel and, oh, poor him.

Which brings us to the final reaction shot. I know that many saw various, negative fallout from her expression, but no matter how many times I watched it, I don't. Perhaps it was intended, but it didn't come across as such to me. Part of that reason is because Logan had the exact same expression as Veronica upon his face as he watched Piz walk away. And that expression was the equivalent of "poor guy." Both realized -- well, Logan was reacquainted with the notion -- that Piz harbored a crush on Veronica and thought he had a chance, but now understood that nothing had changed. In other words, as Piz said -- basically articulating that -- as always, Veronica is going to wind up back with Logan, nothing new to see here. Let's face it. The guy had SIX WEEKS to make a move on her and he clearly was laying his groundwork in the scene before and instead of steering her towards him, it steered her right back to the guy she's always going to wind up with: Logan.

I didn't see guilt, because since she'd made no overture in their last discussion (and had been clearly thinking about Logan), she had no reason to feel guilty. And again, Logan wore the same expression ... and there was no need for him to feel guilt. Nor did I see, 'oh, shucks, I missed my chance!' Again, the same expression on Logan's face and that was definitely not what Logan was thinking. Was it Veronica finally realizing that he had a crush on her? Probably -- and I guess we'll just ignore the complete idiocy in Veronica JUST realizing now, but again, there was nothing to indicate that she was upset that she hadn't realized it sooner. Now if we see her distant from Logan and pining for Piz in the next episode, I'll concede this point, but I'm really rather totally positive that there will be no conceding necessary on my part. Honestly, I like to think that once he was out of sight, Veronica shrugged and frowned, then turned back to Logan and the two nuzzled noses or something.

Will Piz be an obstacle in the future? Maybe. But I just don't see how it will be anything other than a temporary, transitory one before she winds up back with Logan ... because that is with whom she belongs. And in the end, with him is where she'll always wind up.

Nothing new there.
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