Arabian (arabian) wrote,

American Idol, Nights 3/4

I didn't get around to doing this last night (hmm, I wonder what else was on that so captured my attention?), so here's two nights worth.

The contestants who stood out for me were as follows:

- Jason Sundance Head - Very good voice, but I'm not sure about his attitude. We'll see.

- Danielle McCoulllogh - I just really liked her voice.

- Sean Michelle - Nice voice. But it could change, I'm curious to see how he sings other songs.

- Melinda Doolittle - I admit I don't remember her, but I must have liked her voice to have jotted her down.

New York, New York ... okay.

- Sarah Jurgesse - I liked her tone, but she did shout a bit and was off-key here and there, but I think she shows promies. We'll see.

- Kia Thornton - Big voice, but I think she did a much better job controlling it than anyone else I've seen with a big voice so far.

- Jenry Bejarano - Like Sean Michelle, I'll see. And yes, I'm shallow enough that part of the allure was the pretty he brought. So pretty.

- Jory Steinberg - Definitely my favorite voice tonight. It just all WORKED. Everything. I liked her a lot.

- Porcelano Patino - I expected her to suck, but I actually really liked her voice and agree with Carole Bayer Sager (good judge) that she was unique.

- Rachel Zevita - Great voice, and oh my, I got chills listening to the opera. Beautiful. I loved when she said it's a different theme each week and I can sing any theme.

- Nicholas Pedro - I admit I don't remember him from last year, but my goodness, was he bringing on the heat wave tonight. Talk about a voice made to seduce. WOWZA!!!! He's my loverboy for the season. I hope he makes it into the top 12. That voice made me melt.
Tags: american idol, tv

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