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VM 3.10 -- I liked A LOT!

Thoughts on the new (finally!!!) VM episode below the cut. You know I wish I wasn't so addicted, but I am and I am just sooooo this show's bitch. Seriously. I can rant and rave and dislike a series of episodes (which hasn't really happened, a whole series that is, more like one or two and then a couple more with scenes/things I dislike), but a really good one comes along and I'm just so forgiving and la la la, it was great!

I thought it was a good episode overall, really good. Nothing flashy, but it really did the job. Nice understated set-up of the mystery. I thought they did a good job of showing them both not doing a good job moving on. Jason looked really, really, really hot. I like that she went to him and I loved that kiss. The only thing that slightly bugged was Veronica looking worried or anxious or whatever over Piz's reaction at the end. But how it played out with the time over the break, I actually thought it worked. That's what I ask -- that it make sense, that it flow, and this did. And also, to be positive, I liked how Veronica genuinely smiled at Logan and then the nature of the smile changed just slightly when she remembered that Piz was sitting there watching them, but it was very, very subtle. Good job from Kristen.

The more I think about it, I actually had no problem with the end on further thought. They've been apart for six weeks and she's been friendly with Piz, so that look on her face came across not so much as guilt, but as feeling bad for him. And that works for me. That's fine. In the scene before with him, he was obviously thinking of her, but she was just as obviously thinking of Logan. So really, I had no problems with this episode. None.

I really did enjoy this episode. I thought it was well-done and a really good follow-up to the last one. But oy vey, Francis is NOT looking good.

I'm not overly impressed with Mac's new guy. Bronson Pope ... I wonder if it's a relation to the beloved Mr. Pope from last season? I would still prefer Mac with Piz or with the lab guy even. He was much more likable to me. And oh my God, after Logan, the cutest thing was the monkey. When it was sitting on his lap, it was so cute. I was aww'ing all over the place.

More random thoughts -- Dick taking a picture of his dick and then throwing it over the balcony. Hee! And then all but saying Logan show me yours, HAH!!! I also thought they did a good job of making clear that the girl gave Logan a blowjob without it being too explicit. Good job! And boy, yeah, Logan really was missing Veronica as he didn't even enjoy a blowjob. Oh back to shallow, I thought Jason's body looked really good in the pre-surf scene, but a close-up made it look like he had a rash or something. Heh, still hot. And boy was he working that shirt in the kiss scene. Wowza.

Really, I enjoyed this one a lot. I'd probably put list it as my 3rd fave this season so far.

And I really did enjoy the kiss. Nick Marck is one of my favorite directors on the show and he didn't disappoint. I would have preferred the kiss a little longer and a close-up would have been nice, but it was suitably passionate and I loved the little motion of Logan kicking the door shut.

So, yeah, I liked this one. A lot.

Someone said at the Shack that part of why they loved this is because Veronica was sympathetic and I agree completely. She was sympathetic to almost everyone involved in the case and not bitchy or judgmental. It was great.

I was talking to Mia and she wondered why it didn't end on the kiss, but did the Piz and LoVe scene and for me, again, it made perfect sense. The conversation between Veronica and Piz (look at me, all mature! I'm not calling him Asshead!) brought up Piz's crush on Veronica and there was a thread of the story there. Had the show not shown a reaction scene from Piz finding out she was back with Logan (more on his comment later), it would have been left dangling and would we have really wanted that aspect drawn out into another episode. No. It actually gave it a bit of closure for the time being.

"Nothing new," in other words, Piz, was saying, in the end, she's always gonna wind up back with Logan. Piz had SIX WEEKS to make a move on her and he clearly was laying his groundwork in the scene before and instead of steering her towards him, it steered her right back to the guy she's always going to wind up with.

And as he walked away, I actually read the same emotion on Logan and Veronica's expressions as ... "poor guy." Logan clearly realized that Piz was still crushing on Veronica and didn't stand a chance again. I like to think that once he was out of sight, Veronica shrugged and frowned and then turned back to Logan and the two nuzzled noses or something.

Ooh, did anyone else think that Dick was fishing to see Logan's family jewels? And Logan was not biting ... and so Dick changed the subject quickly? Hee!
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