Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Brothers & Sisters -- I LOVE this show so much

I know talk about Ugly Betty as if it's my new favorite show, but I think -- as much as I love it -- that Brothers and Sisters actually gets that honor. I love Betty LOTS, but there are occasional moments/scenes where it doesn't click for me and I'm left less than fulfilled. B&S doesn't do that for me at all. Come to think of it, B&S might actually be my favorite show period. Yes, even topping Veronica Mars which is the show tha I'm hopelessly addicted to. No other has the ability to move me from laughter (to the point where I'm rewinding several times because I want to watch the humor play out over and over again) to pathos within literally one minute. Tonight's episode actually brought me to full-throttle, wipe my eyes, stuffy nose tears not once, but twice.

The power in this show is in the whole product, the acting, the writing, the direction, even the musical cues. But for me, why it touches me so deeply is because, even with the lunacy of a drama for television, I have never, ever seen another television show so perfectly and truly capture FAMILY. When I watch the siblings interact -- whether it's with a brother and sister, a sister and sister, all of the kids together, etc. -- it feels SO real. I see my (very close) relationship with my sister and my brother. When I see the kids, one or more, interacting with their mother it gets to me because it brings to mind moments, fights, love with my mother -- who passed away over five years ago -- and it gets me. It really does.

There was a scene between Sally Field's character, Nora, and her mother (played by Marion Ross) that did make me weep because while the words and situation weren't comparable to my own with my mother, the emotions of it -- good and bad -- were. This show touches me, it makes me alternately miss and love and appreciate my family so much. And just on a level of pure entertainment, it's DAMN entertaining. Funny, charming, touching, real, over-the-top. It's just a truly, truly wonderful hour of television that just seems to get better every episode.
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