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Studio 60 -- Woohoo!! (mostly) It's back

Because I enjoyed all but one moment of this episode and Lordy, I hope I wasn't supposed to enjoy it (but sadly I think I was) I'm going to give this episode more thought than I have any other show recently.

I laughed out loud several times during this episode, I enjoyed the Matt/Harriet interaction. I loved the Lucy/Tom interaction. I loved every moment with Jack and I winced (I'm sure I was supposed to) when he told the viola player that she would go to dinner with Tom to that event because I knew dang well what it meant for poor Tom and Lucy.

More random loves ... Wilson White was great. "I'm an old man." Between Simon and Darius, I'm on Darius' side. I'm not sure that Simon is supposed to be somewhat of a jerk, but he was for me. Not in a bad way though, in an interesting character way. I love Lucy -- "A git, a plunker." Hee!!! I actually enjoyed Jordan (!) this episode and loved how she realized in the end (and it wasn't banged over our head) that Allie (good new character) was TOTALLY playing her. Ooh, I loved, "I was a bitch." "You're not a bitch." "I am a bitch. I am a beeyotch, baby!" HAH! I loved Matt's assistant, just every moment but especially the "bosssexy" username she gave him. Hee! I even liked how the passage of time and the Danny/Jordan situation was handled. All the way up to that last moment.

As heartbreaking and yes, embarrassing, as it was to be so, so rejected by Jordan, I loved how she was forthright about it, so straight with him and I was really, really feeling for him. And then he said "no." And that was the moment where I cringed. Because I think I was supposed to be bowled away by the intensity of his conviction, instead I got yet another creepy, stalker vibe. Oy. I like Bradley Whitford a lot, but this aspect of the story is not good. I don't want Danny to be a stalker. I dunno, maybe the "no" would have worked did I believe that Jordan felt a scintilla of romantic affection for him. I don't and so that "no" didn't come across as something that would give her an uncontrollable shiver of delight, but rather an uncontrollable shiver of fear with the thought "Do I gotta get a restraining order on this guy?" Not good.

I hope that this can work, I really hope so because I thought the rest of the show was stellar, top-notch. I think the cast has gelled, found their characters and I'm really enjoying all of the interaction, all of it, every line, everything. A LOT. I hope they can make the whole "no" work. Sigh.

ETA: I was talking to Mia and she wondered why it didn't end on the kiss, but did the Piz and LoVe scene and for me, again, it made perfect sense. The conversation between Veronica and Piz (look at me, all mature! I'm not calling him Asshead!) brought up Piz's crush on Veronica and there was a thread of the story there. Had the show not shown a reaction scene from Piz finding out she was back with Logan (more on his comment later), it would have been left dangling and would we have really wanted that aspect drawn out into another episode. No. It actually gave it a bit of closure for the time being.

"Nothing new," in other words, Piz, was saying, in the end, she's always gonna wind up back with Logan. Piz had SIX WEEKS to make a move on her and he clearly was laying his groundwork in the scene before and instead of steering her towards him, it steered her right back to the guy she's always going to wind up with.
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