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22 January 2007 @ 11:46 pm
Isaiah Washington To Be Fired After All?  
Take it with a grain of salt (it does, after all, come from Kristin Veitch!), but here goes ...


Isaiah Washington may be on his way out.

I just received word from a highly placed source within the Touchstone/ABC family that ABC and Disney executives are currently considering the option of firing Isaiah Washington from Grey's Anatomy, effective immediately, without having him appear in any kind of farewell episode.

According to this reliable source, if the network does follow through with this option, the producers are likely to run a full-screen announcement at the beginning of the first Burke-less episode that announces Isaiah Washington is no longer part of the show.

I'm also told by various sources that the loss of Preston Burke is not an easy task for Grey's writing staff to deal with, given that he has a major storyline (including a life-changing event) coming in the next few episodes that airs during February sweeps. Those episodes have already been shot.

Honestly, prior to the Golden Globes event, I didn't think this necessary, but after what happened, it DID actually intrude upon my viewing of the recent Grey's Anatomy. I always loved Burke and George's friendship, and when they had their scene in Burke's hospital room, my first thought was 'ooh, Burke and George! Yay!' And then as the scene continued, it just slowly seeped into my brain, 'holy crap! Poor TR Knight having to do this scene with a guy who's was so offensive to him.' And boom, my enjoyment in the scene just petered out. So yeah, as much as I enjoy Burke the character, I don't enjoy him enough to think he should be allowed to keep a well-paying, high-profile job when what he's done would get most people suspended or outright fired in the "real world." And, especially, that an innocent colleague should be forced to work with him despite the discomfort that very well may be a part of their working situation now.

(And oy vey, I'm a posting fiend today!!! I apologize to my flist.)

Source: Oh No they Didn't from Kristin! at E!Online.
harper47harper47 on January 23rd, 2007 02:09 pm (UTC)
You are a posting fiend. Hee!

I think he has to be fired too. I had the exact same reaction you did at Burke and George's scene and I've read similar commentary all over the place. When that happens, when your fourth wall is irritrievably broken, you have to do something.

Interesting approach though. They're not going to kill him, send him away, have him suddenly discover he was gay - hee, wouldn't that be evil? (fill in option of choice)? Interesting.
Arabian: PC_Totally My Heroarabian on January 24th, 2007 01:52 am (UTC)
I didn't know that I wasn't alone in that, I'm glad because frankly, he doesn't deserve to continue having this job. I really do hope they let him go.