Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Heroes Tonight

Quick, random thought that holds absolutely no depth, but a spoiler none-the-less.

I have a second favorite pairing on Heroes. Claire and Peter still own my heart (when she said she wanted to see Peter Petrelli, lord help me, I think I literally (LITERALLY!) sighed). But my new pairing? Also involves a Petrelli ... Nathan and Hiro.


And then when they were talking together and Hiro made the flying man gesture, Nathan told him to keep it down, so Hiro redid it on a smaller scale. I HEE'D again.

I love them. I want them to become partners. Yes, this means I'm forsaking his buddy. I don't care. Give me Nathan/Hiro. They are so friggin cute together, there are no words. Team Niro!!!

ETA: Heh, I do not think I understand the definition of the word "quick."
Tags: heroes

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