Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Halfway through 24 and I just had to pop in to say ...


The cause of the exclamation above mentioned in the comments, so if you haven't watched it yet, and are not spoiled, don't open.

So it was weird, while watching it, I thought, hmm, Graham's son looks like Kim, but it wasn't until I got to TWoP and read everyone thinking the same thing and therefore KID IS JACK'S SON that I wanted to slap myself and ask who the hell was watching the soaps all those years because obviously I wasn't to not even go there.

Heh. Truth or red herring, who knows? I just love this show and all of it's over-the-top, soapy mixed in with the threads of reality. I love, love, love. And I REALLY love how when Jack isn't barking orders, saving the world (or more accurately, L.A.) or torturing people, he speaks in this very soft and sweet, utterly respectful manner. Love.

Eh episode over all, which would have been helped by some Jack/Chloe interaction that goes beyond a three syllable phone call. Grrr. I want some face time, people! Sigh, but even an eh ep of 24 I LOVE!!!
Tags: 24

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