Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Pretty Good Christmas

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the giving aspect of Christmas this year. It certainly wasn't the receiving or how I spent it. A set of pots and pans -- lovely and awesome though they are, a gorgeous sweater, a coffee cup and a wal-mart card for 15 bucks was the sum total of my loot this year. Yeah. Hey, at least I treated myself to Serenity. Go River/Mal!

And of course I spent most of it working or sleeping. I started my overnight shift at 10 pm on Christmas Eve, worked through until 11 am on Christmas. Got home, slept for six hours, made dinner and then back to work at 7:30 pm. Yeah, it was grand.

But the giving was great. I finally, *FINALLY* got off my ass and mostly got a good set of presents out to my sister, her hubby and two sons. It should have gotten their on time, but with it being, you know, Christmas, it was a day or two late. Sigh. But it was worth it, still. My sister called all excited and happy with her gifts and my two nephews (3 and 1) adored the rubber ducky bathtoys I got them. I remembered they were both bath freaks and so got a blue and a green one. According to my brother-in-law when they opened them, the oldest screamed: "Ducky! And it's BLUE! I love blue!" and the youngest screamed "Ducky! Green!" and then they both ran into the bathroom and jumped into the tubs with their duckies, clothes on and all.

And knowing how I so scored with those two little boys, really, there was no better Christmas present than hearing that. :)
Tags: real life

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