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The Goodies Keep Coming! New Jason Interview

IGN did an interview with Jason here. The article has spoilers, but my comments and excerpts don't.

My favorite parts and (of course) commentary

I'm gonna play that differently the next time. I'm sorry about that. It's gonna be better! Because I thought it was a little too mopery and dopery, and I think it'll be a little more colorful next time.

This in regards to Logan during the first arc and while I was one of the few who did NOT have a problem with "mopery and dopery" (HAH!! Making up words, he's so cute!), I know that many did, so this should make quite many a viewer happy.

I don't know, I think there were definitely times when it was too mopey, and I was like, "Eh, I don't like that!"

They went back to that topic and that final quote from him just cracked me up. He's so adorable.

I think [Veronica]'s kind of cleaned him a little bit, you know what I mean? It's funny, man. It's like just naturally, when I read a scene and start thinking with it, it's hard for me to go straight into the evil stuff, because it doesn't make sense. You'd be like, "Didn't he just do all that [other] stuff?" It doesn't follow.

Thank you!!! It's called an actor looking at the experience of the character and realizing that somethings don't make sense any more, ROB!

Okay, the kudos for Jason end here. Just a warning.

I would like to see Veronica and Piz get together. I would really like, just from an audience point of view, to see how that goes.

Uhm, no, Jason. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!

And then maybe, I don't know, maybe he'll get kind of a dark side, and we'll start up a gang or something.

Okay, but this was funny. And right before this the reporter said that: Chris said if Piz doesn't end up with Veronica, he'd like him to end up with Logan. What do you think of that?

And Jason's response: Boy, so did not get it, I think.

Chris said that? Oh, that's kind of him.

Jason, Jason, Jason.
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