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22 January 2007 @ 07:04 pm
The Goodies Keep Coming! New Jason Interview  
IGN did an interview with Jason here. The article has spoilers, but my comments and excerpts don't.

My favorite parts and (of course) commentary

I'm gonna play that differently the next time. I'm sorry about that. It's gonna be better! Because I thought it was a little too mopery and dopery, and I think it'll be a little more colorful next time.

This in regards to Logan during the first arc and while I was one of the few who did NOT have a problem with "mopery and dopery" (HAH!! Making up words, he's so cute!), I know that many did, so this should make quite many a viewer happy.

I don't know, I think there were definitely times when it was too mopey, and I was like, "Eh, I don't like that!"

They went back to that topic and that final quote from him just cracked me up. He's so adorable.

I think [Veronica]'s kind of cleaned him a little bit, you know what I mean? It's funny, man. It's like just naturally, when I read a scene and start thinking with it, it's hard for me to go straight into the evil stuff, because it doesn't make sense. You'd be like, "Didn't he just do all that [other] stuff?" It doesn't follow.

Thank you!!! It's called an actor looking at the experience of the character and realizing that somethings don't make sense any more, ROB!

Okay, the kudos for Jason end here. Just a warning.

I would like to see Veronica and Piz get together. I would really like, just from an audience point of view, to see how that goes.

Uhm, no, Jason. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!

And then maybe, I don't know, maybe he'll get kind of a dark side, and we'll start up a gang or something.

Okay, but this was funny. And right before this the reporter said that: Chris said if Piz doesn't end up with Veronica, he'd like him to end up with Logan. What do you think of that?

And Jason's response: Boy, so did not get it, I think.

Chris said that? Oh, that's kind of him.

Jason, Jason, Jason.
zellie: actors : dohring [giggly]leucocrystal on January 23rd, 2007 12:46 am (UTC)
I think I articulated my thoughts best over at wowsugarpuss_' LJ, so I'll just try and reiterate here, because... yeah, I'm tired and dying of writer's block:
Hee, I love him too. I know a lot of people are probably going to give him flack for saying he'd like to see V/Piz, but I honestly think (a) he has a tough time distinguishing between Chris Lowell (who he seems to really like, along with all his other fellow castmembers) and Piz the character, and (b) he just wants the show to be entertaining, and if he's not that tuned in to how against V/Piz a huge chunk of the fandom is, he's not going to know that most people will not like it. Long comment short: he's a sweetheart, and a dork, and I just love him. ♥

Yeah, I think that about sums it up.  He's just so... unfazed by outward influence, which I think is a big part of why nothing seems to affect how he chooses to play Logan.  This is of course a good thing, but also means he won't always be in tune with what the fans love and hate.

Long story short?  He's just too damn cute for me to get any more into it than that, lol.
Arabian: JD_Crazyarabian on January 23rd, 2007 12:56 am (UTC)
I read that there and I agree with you. It's just disheartening when even he is somewhat pimping it. I know it's in a completely different, totally Jason, I love everyone let's skip through the tulips way, but it's just on top of the RT and KB crap, it's disheartening.

But my love for him remains strong and true. It was a little spat, over quickly and forgotten. Hee.
zellie: actors : dohring [giggly]leucocrystal on January 23rd, 2007 01:16 am (UTC)
I know it's in a completely different, totally Jason, I love everyone let's skip through the tulips way...

LMFAO, oh god, that is so him.  He's very optimistic, almost idealistic, and just so enthusiastic that there's no way I can find it anything other than extremely endearing, lol.  So cute, almost like a little boy, sometimes.
Arabian: What's not to Love? (Logan)arabian on January 23rd, 2007 01:17 am (UTC)
Endearing. That's a perfect word to describe Jason. So, so endearing.

And hot. Fricking HOT!
WeHo M.afrocurl on January 23rd, 2007 01:07 am (UTC)
A big fat WORD on the Cheney thing. I ranted about other parts in my latest post.
Arabian: Logan Testingarabian on January 23rd, 2007 01:17 am (UTC)
I know, hon. It sucks.
WeHo M.: Celebs - JRafrocurl on January 23rd, 2007 01:18 am (UTC)
It does.

sowell: Logan Looking Downsowell on January 23rd, 2007 01:07 am (UTC)
I'm not much of a JD fangirl (my heart belongs to Logan, first and foremost!), but I actually think it's awesome that he's ok with V/Piz. It's just so refreshing to hear how positive he is about the show in general. Like leucocrystal said, he really wants the show to be entertaining, whatever that takes. He's just...the opposite of a diva. He's so guileless and enthusiastic about everything.
Arabian: Little Boy Bluearabian on January 23rd, 2007 01:24 am (UTC)
He's so guileless and enthusiastic about everything.

Yup he is. This is why I often describe his joy for it all as everyone holding hands, skipping through the tulips, singing Tra-la-la-la. I do appreciate that about him, my frustration just comes from he's the only one who seems positive about Logan/Veronica and that creates a disconnect between the press for the show and the fandom. Because others are pimping Veronica/Piz and he's the only one pimping Logan/Veronica. It's just kinda sad. I mean they're the show's main couple and you wouldn't know it from the press about the show which often seeks to undermine that relationship ... especially in regards to Rob and most especially, Kristen.
polarthestral on January 23rd, 2007 02:56 am (UTC)
I'm not sure what he means by that. He qualifies the statements by saying "from an audience point of view" not from a feeling they're so right for each other. He said he wanted to see how it went, and a lot of the audience are comfortable if she has one date with him to see how it goes. Plus, I'm interested in whether he's saying he'd want to see it from an audience point of view because he'd like to see how the audience reacts, or because he thinks we want to see it. Adorably modest either way if he thinks we haven't been tearing Piz to shreds to protects his position on the show all season.

I'm relieved he's finally getting some PR though.
Annieannie_oakley on January 23rd, 2007 03:04 am (UTC)
I already posted my thoughts elsewhere, but I'll post them here, too:

I really love that he clearly is thinking about the show as a fan, in addition to as an actor. That's so important, and I think it's one of the reasons he's so good. He watches and takes note of what works and what doesn't. He pays attention. If only some others could do the same. *cough*

And I wasn't at all bothered by that Piz/Veronica comment, because I think he was just approaching it as a fan, in terms of wondering, for the sake of entertainment, how it would be if they got together, and how that would work onscreen. Personally, I think it'll be quite boring; they barely have any chemistry, and the chemistry they do have is far from romantic. Piz can give her nice and easy guy, but that's really as much as he can offer. Logan is her kindred spirit, and they have an unbelievable history that will tie them together forever. Not to mention that Logan knows her better than anyone, and at this point I'd say that that includes her father. What Piz can offer her in no way is a match for what Logan can. At the end of the day, nice and easy but be fun and relaxing, but it's not what she truly needs or probably even truly wants.

I also think Jason's thinking, like so many other fans, was like, "Ok, they've been pushing P/V on us since the beginning, so they should at least get together so we can see how that even works." That reasoning doesn't automatically make you a Pizonica shipper; it could just make you a fan who is tired of the talk and just wants to get it over with. Hee.

I love Jason, and I adore his interviews. I always read his interviews and then come away with a feeling opposite of KB interviews: I'm happy and smiling and giddy and somehow loving him even more.

That's my take on it. I'm kind of annoyed that people are already saying, "Look, Jason can say that and they're not jumping all over him like poor KB." There's a BIG difference to me here, and it's that Jason is able to say this without ragging on Logan. And even if Jason rags on Logan, I'm ok with that, because Logan is his creation. It irks the hell out of me when KB does it because she's NOT Logan, she doesn't even watch the show, and most importantly, she bases her reasons off of things that aren't technically true (like him sleeping with her friend's mom. Semantics, yes, but there's a big diff between that and what happened there, plus she always makes it sound like Logan somehow cheated on her).

Ok, end rant. Do you mind if I add you? I love hearing your thoughts on L/V.
Arabian: One Angry Loganarabian on January 23rd, 2007 03:24 am (UTC)
I do agree with all that you're saying, absolutely. I do get where he's coming from and his enthusiasm is -- as always -- wonderful. I just go back to what I said above (and I admit it's not fair to him). I'm frustrated that he's the ONLY one pimping LoVe while RT appears mildly against them and KB head-on hating them, while both RT and KB are not only pimping, in KB's case, she's gushing over possible V/Piz. So that makes 3/3 for V/Piz from the three biggest names associated with the show, and 1/3 for Logan/Veronica. It's depressing.

I'm kind of annoyed that people are already saying, "Look, Jason can say that and they're not jumping all over him like poor KB."

Lordy, people are saying this!? Give me a break. I'm not going to explain why that's so monumentally stupid because you covered it all so beautifully. So big fat DITTO!

Do you mind if I add you? I love hearing your thoughts on L/V.
Absolutely not. I'll friend you back. :D
Annieannie_oakley on January 23rd, 2007 03:44 am (UTC)
Cool. I added you. :)

I totally get what you're saying about RT and KB and now JD, but I don't really think of it that way anymore, just because a.) it just depresses me if I do, and b.) I've noticed the last two interviews with them, neither pimped P/V as much as they used to or even could have, much to my relief. I hated that RT interview with a passion, and ranted about it in a lot of places, but I did like that RT seemed to get that L/V were it, no matter what. I honestly got the vibe from him that he takes L/V very seriously, and Piz not so much. Piz is just something to keep them apart again, and he admitted to liking the drama and the problems. I think Piz could have been replaced with anyone, and RT would still be thinking in the same terms.

But I do get the frustration. And I'm sure now that I said that, they'll both come out with new interviews that will make me want to shoot myself.

Oh, and regarding KB, wanna hear my totally-in-my-head-I-have-no-sources idea with KB? First, I think part of her is seriously intimidated by Jason and the Logan love. So I think she kind of likes to play opposite actors who are either so much more seasoned they can't be viewed as a threat, because she can only learn from them (like Enrico or Tina) or actors who are weaker than her so she can shine (like Teddy) and since Jason is also an up-and-comer and he's really awesome and always praised for his performances, I wouldn't be at all surprised if she kind of finds that intimidating.

SO: this is my thought. She was all for the idea of Piz/Veronica and so anti-Logan partly because of this. Then she met Chris, right? And he's nice and funny. And then she gets to know him better. And he's kind of hyper and really happy. And I think she started to get a bit annoyed, kind of like, "Ok, kid, simmer down." Because I like Chris Lowell just fine. I think he's a really nice guy. But he really is a lot like Piz, to the point where he's practically playing himself.

So I think Kristen kind of resigned herself to him being like that, and realizing that she'd rather have scenes with Jason than a ton of scenes with Chris. So I think that's the softening we're seeing there.

I base this on evidence that over time, she's gotten a little less enthusiastic on V/P. And also because in interviews I saw of her where they asked her about Chris, she made comments about how energetic he is, and how they had to tell him to use his inside voice, and blah blah. Also, they showed a behind the scenes of her with him on the CW, during shooting for 3-03, and she looked less than absolutely thrilled.

This, of course, is not based on any fact. Just a fun game I like to play in my head, and it's probably totally off. But it's fun!!

But KB is starting to get a lot of bad press. I don't know if it's just because that's natural; you can only be the critic's darling for so long before the press starts in on you, or if she actually is like this. But they even started on her at Sundance:

And then there’s Kristen Bell – like, who the hell are you???

Rumours already swirling about a raging bitch beneath the blonde, Page Six has reported on a few occasions of diva behaviour, more of the same at the MySpace/Tao party on Saturday night - after an afternoon of swag visits, of course. So she gets there, poses on the press line, and as journalists from the networks are pleading with her for an interview – Kristin! Kristin! We love you, Kristin come over! - she turned around and in the nastiest, snarkiest, bitchest voice, sneered: I’m not talking to you, okay?” which actually wasn’t a huge surprise to everyone there, some of whom told me “She is ALWAYS bitchy, no one likes her.” Shit, I can’t imagine why not.

That's from laineygossip.com. Hmm...
Arabian: Fandom?arabian on January 23rd, 2007 04:00 am (UTC)
I have to go to work, but yeah I actually put up a post about the lainey gossip up, but it was friends locked and you weren't my friend yet. You'll see it now.

More later, but I will say that I'm not positive -- even with my sources -- but I think you're ABSOLUTELY right partly with why KB has a problem with JD/Logan,whatever.

Also, I know people in the industry and according to them, when stories start making a lot of columns that portray an only so-so famous person in a less than satisfactory light it's because that so-so famous person (in this case, La Bell) is TOTALLY above and beyond call SUCH a diva/bitch/asshole, take your pick that people are tired of covering for them and WANT everyone to know how horrible they are.
(Anonymous) on January 23rd, 2007 08:41 am (UTC)
Hee!!! *bounces*
Ok so..yesterday new pics, today new interview?
What could I wish for next?
Uhm..Jason himself, lovely spread on my couch? Yeah ok, keep on dreaming (it's for free)lol
Gonna read the interview and get back to this, you know how much I love your commentaries on VM stuff.
Eleonorafreezing_82 on January 23rd, 2007 08:45 am (UTC)
Ok I'm a mess (I didn't login in my panel first).
It's me above :P
Arabian: Innocencearabian on January 24th, 2007 12:26 am (UTC)
Cool. Well, we got another interview but sad news that he was offered a romantic-comedy and had to turn it down. Sigh. It's great that he was offered one because I think if it was a well-done one, he would ROCK at it. Maybe he'll get something during the hiatus?
Eleonorafreezing_82 on January 24th, 2007 09:20 am (UTC)
Yeah..I translated that one yesterday night for my friends who are not so friendly with English and yeah, common opinion was that it's a shame he had to refuse the role.
I'm sure he could be perfect in a Marc Darcy kind of role.
i'll look forward for another chance.
I hope he'll be offered something again and yes, maybe during the hiatus he'll be able to shoot.