Arabian (arabian) wrote,

American Idol, Night 2

Another night, another group of losers. Sigh. Red, oy, Red. I actually tend to fastforward through the bad ones because it's so painful, but I admit, I not only watched that one, but I could not help but laugh. Seriously. I mean, SERIOUSLY!! Oy!!!

Anyhoo, list last night, the ones who stood out for me and one who did but not because I was particularly impressed, but because she sang KELLY'S SONG!!!! Ahem.

Shockingly enough, there were a couple of guys who caught my attention tonight.

  • Thomas Daniels (the dude with the big fro) -- Very good voice, lovely tone, but I'm not sure I like his attitude all that much.

  • Blake Lewis (beatboxer) -- I don't know that I like him so much, but I found it interesting that his voice reminded me soooo much of Jason Mraz. He was interesting; I'm curious as to how he'll sound with a different song.

  • Shymali Malakar -- Indian girl. I think she has a pretty voice and could improve. Good attitude, but I worry about her relationship with her brother. Competition not always a good thing.

  • Sanjaya Malakar -- Indian boy. Lovely voice and I like his attitude.

  • Rudy Caradenes -- Last guy the first day in Seattle. Very good voice, but I understand why Simon said no right away. He went overboard, oversang it. But he learns some subltly, he could be very good.

  • Jordan Sparks -- NFL dude's daughter. My favorite of the night (but I sitll like Perla best!) I think she was a bit off in her tone in a few lines (I agree with Simon she wasn't perfect), but she sang a Celine song (and I ADORE Celine Dion) and I was impressed. She also switched between keys nicely. And just lovely smile and attitude.

  • Really Tall Chick -- I don't remember her name because I wasn't impressed, but I had to mention her. (A) She was loud because she SHOUTED the entire song and (B) DO NOT SING SIGNATURE SONGS of popular contestants, ie, KELLY FUCKING CLARKSON! Because, Tall Chick, you are no Kelly Clarkson.

    Seriously, this is one of my biggest pet peeves about new contestants each season -- there are certain songs (and not many) that are sooooo closely associated with favorite contestants that you are only inviting a comparison that will generally be the worst for you when you sing those signature songs. (Tall Chick singing Kelly's signature "Respect," Shymali singing "Summertime" -- the signature song (and only one I liked of) Fantasia, etc.) Just don't do it. There are thousands of songs out there -- stay away from the AI signatures so as not to invite unnecessary comparisons. More likely than not, you will come out hurting in the comparison.
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