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American Idol, Night 1

This is the first year I've watched while being into lj, so I'm gonna put my thoughts here and see what still stands on the finale. The first three years my fave came in 2nd (in my defense, I didn't know what an arrogant, piece of shit asshole Clay Aiken was during the show's run), but the last two years my fave has left earlier in the competition. (I still adore Justin Guarini, but I love Kelly equally now, thus she gets the icon to start out with). Anyhoo, I'll see how I do this year. My thoughts on those who've made it through that I like ...

In order:

  • Denise Jackson -- the "crack baby." I liked her personality. She has a good voice, very powerful. She shouted a bit too much of the song, but hopefully that's something that (Debra) Bird, AI's vocal coach -- if she's still with them -- can help her work on. And she's young, only 16.

  • Perla Meneses -- the Spanish survivor. I LOVED her personality and her hair (and no, I'm not just saying that because change the hair color and cut a tad and my hair is like that). I was disappointed when I heard her sing "Call Me" because she sounded kinda nasally and well, I had hoped she would be better. And then she did a fabulous "Hips Don't Lie." I don't think it was the accent, like Simon said, I think it was the song choice. Shakira (whom I adore) has a deep voice, Blondie has a higher range and Perla sounded much better in the lower range style of Shakira. Her whole "do you want an autorgraph?" thing outside could have been annoying -- and she might cross over into that later -- but I thought it and she was cute. She's my early fave.

  • Michelle Steingas -- She sang the Deanna Carter song ("If This is Love, I'm in It). I like her voice; she seems sweet, but I'd like to hear her do more than country. She's a we'll see for me.

  • Rachel Jenkens -- The Army Reservist/car mechanic. I liked her voice, liked her attitude.

  • Sarah Krueger -- The long curly hair "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" girl. Loved her voice. When she went into the higher note towards the end, I was impressed as that's where most who start out well crack. Very rich, very little vibrato ... I really liked her voice. She was my favorite voice.

    The only guy who made any lasting impression was Jerrod (I think), the winner of Reagan Idol -- the military guy. We'll see.

    Anyhoo, those are my early thoughts. I'll keep an update and see if my opinion changes throughout the run. It generally doesn't. The only performer that really grew on me was Diana DeGarmo from the 3rd season. The others I pretty much liked from the early audition.

    The one thing I've complained about from day one will likely continue though, I wish that they would spotlight ALL of the singers who make it through to the top 32. Maybe they did this time, but I highly doubt it. Maybe they will though, it will be nice. It's just such an unfair advantage to those performers who got airtime from the get-go.
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