Arabian (arabian) wrote,

You're the One That I Want, Night 2

I actually enjoyed this edition a lot more. I don't know if it's because I knew what to expect, or because there were more contestants that grabbed me, the fact that it was only one hour, instead of two or simply because they were casting in New York. For whatever reason, it was better tonight.

My favorite girl was easily Ashley, the first girl -- even though she did take three tries to get it, I really do think it was just nerves and nerves more than one (I imagine) would usually get because this wasn't just a Broadway audition ... it was a Broadway audition for a television show. So I liked her. I didn't think she looked like Olivia Newton-John (who coincidentally is the first celebrity I ever went gaga over), but she had the Sandy look, sounded beautiful and I LOVED the little spark you could see in her few seconds on stage during the dance round.

My favorite guy was Matt (I think it was Matt), the jock. He sounded really good, until he went off-key, but I agree that it was a matter of lack of technique. And he also looked good in the dancing section too. For someone with no training, I was impressed and hopefully there's more of the talent in the raw talent that he can pull it together in Grease Academy.

I must mention Austin of course -- pretty, great arms, great voice, great dancing and did I mention the arms!?!?! Oy!!! I'm not sure if he's my idea of Danny, but we'll see.

Finally, the last guy who made it who had a story -- I didn't think singing-wise he was that great, but I couldn't help but feel bad for him that his girlfriend just dumped his ass because he got in and she didn't. Wow.

A non-maker, Rizzo -- what a lovely, lovely voice. I know she had no shot in hell as Sandy, but I'm hoping that some Broadway producers/casting agents out there see her and maybe give her a bit of a shot in another, more appropriate role, because I thought she had a wonderful voice.
Tags: greasetv, tv

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