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Jason's New/Old Movie (Deep Below) New Info/Pics!!

JulieBnhjunkie at The LoVe Shack posted that she found some new info (a full movie summary) and some pics from the movie studio site: zepperstudios.

The Jason production stills, film summary and my thoughts below:

Here are the Jason pics and I included the site's commentary for each pic below the corresponding one. Just click on 'em to get to the 800x600 image.

A quiet moment ______________ getting into character ______ Jason rehearses boat scene

Pretty Jason! And ooh! Once more for the road: Arms. Sigh.

The Summary ...

Will Taylor (Jason Dohring) has nightmares. He dreams of watching his father and aunt being murdered when he was only four years old. Will lives with his troubled uncle Joe Mitchell (Jeff Corbett) because his mother remains catatonic from the attack. Joe, who has his own problems with his girlfriend Sarah (Marina Sirtis), has raised Will since the bank robbery that killed his wife and brother-in-law.

Back in 1990 the whole town of Canyon Hills had to be moved because a new dam was built to prevent chronic flooding. The original town is now at the bottom of the lake.

Will finds out that the stolen bank money was never found and begins diving to recover it and his past. Enter Carl Bennett (Michael Dorn), the bank robber turned murderer. Just released from prison, he is heading for Canyon Hills to recover the money he left behind. Who will get to it first?


And wow is that like the worst trailer ever made. Like ever!?! The movie MIGHT not suck major monkey balls, but you can't tell from that trailer -- honestly, the music, the editing, the everything ... just bad. Barely any dialogue, soft, slightly spooky music over what looks like random shots that offer no cohesion. Just bad, bad, bad. Oy and the summary is pretty badly written as well. Yikes. I sure hope the people who wrote/directed/edited the film had nothing to do with the website because it does not bode well.
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