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Thursday Night TV

Amazingly enough I was able to watch and d/l/watch all of my Thursday night shows tonight. Woohoo!!! (Shark did not air tonight, but all the rest did.) Spoilers behind the cuts.

Ugly Betty -- It was nice (and justifies my love for this show) that there was indeed a point to the Sophia/Daniel romance, especially the whiplash Sophia characterization jumping back and forth between stereotypes. And sigh, poor Daniel. Poor Daniel, his woobie-fied, heartbroken face, but hey!, if it means the Sophia/Daniel story is over YAY! and, of course, I'm still loving any Betty/Daniel interaction.

Then there is Wilhimina and Mark and Amanda and Christina, etc. I just love the characters so much. It's a joy, a true and utter joy just to watch this show. Many are claiming the Amanda/Sophia smackdown as their favorite, but mine was by far the Mark/Betty scene ... such a subtle show of how Betty does fit in and it was just, I dunno, I just loved the picture blackmailing. It was great ... as was the whole show.

My Name is Earl -- I knew that we were going to get non-Earl voiceovers, but I didn't know this was the ep. But it was and (like last week's Cops episode) it was a keeper! I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in Randy's vo -- it was good, but I expected great, still I got a kick out of "My Name is Randy' opening and all. And, of course, the rest met expectations: Joy's was HYSTERICAL! as was Crabman's. (My favorite line was: I'll Never Say this out loud, but that bitch is crazy." Hee!) I think the single funniest thing though was the "My name is Dotty" as closer, it just wrapped it all up so hilariously.

The Office -- Last week was wonderful, and I think this week was even better. Andy is just evil. I was sooooooo mad at him for ruining Michael's pitch. It's so much fun seeing Michael as the salesman because he really is fabulous at it. Also, Jim/Dwight -- the slap, the phone/customer service bit = awesome. As was Dwight's hug goodbye to Jim. I really hope that we see Jim lay some smackdown on Andy's ass in Jim-style. As for the whole Jim/Pam/Karen bit, man, I actually feel sorry for Karen the most at this point because Jim is just so using her and I think he knows it subconsciously, but he's not willing to admit it to himself so it's assy, but it's a completely understandable form of assiness to me. Can't wait until next week, and I must admit as each episode passes, I'm more and more wanting to get the DVDs.

Grey's Anatomy -- I admit it, I fastforwarded through most of the Meredith/Derek scenes, heck, I even ffed through some of the Meredith/Thatcher scenes. I just so, so, soooo completely dislike this character. I don't care about her happy or sad, good or bad. I just do not like her. I don't know if it's Ellen Pompeo (although, her whining ass-voice and mostly one-note performance doesn't help) or the character or a combination, but I just can't stand her. Ugh. However, the other characters make up for it for me.

I like Burke/Christina even if they are both being idiots. They are being idiots in character and I like their characters. George I heart; Callie I heart and I even smiled when they danced and kissed -- even if I'm TOTALLY not rooting for them ... they so don't work in my opinion, but I know I'm stuck with them for at least the rest of this season and a bit of next most likely, if not longer. I love Izzy (Katherine Heigl I've been a fan of since she did this Freaky Friday type of movie for Disney years ago and I think she's ridiculously beautiful) and I'm so glad she finally deposited the damn check (although isn't there a 90 days grace period on depositing checks that WOULD have passed by now?). And of course, she'll use some of it for that girl. Duh! That wasn't telegraphed at all! Oh, and of course, it must be mentioned, WOOHOO! I got a couple of great Izzy/George moments and those always, always make me smile and happy.

Finally, Addison/Alex or *snerk* Addisex as some call them -- I'm very glad that they actually DIDN'T kiss, gives it time to percolate and so when they do it makes it mean more because they've been thinking about it and still go for it. Double WOOHOO! And I just really loved how both were so flustered by it. Hee! (I WAS really annoyed that they put it in the preview though. If there WAS a kiss, then fine, but don't put the whole tense, chemical, about to kiss when they don't actually kiss moment in the preview. Grrr.) As for the goddess herself, obviously the whole baby thing has indeed been leading to something based on the previews for next week. Since I don't think Kate Walsh and Eric Dane have all that great of a chemistry (while I find the Walsh/Justin Chambers chemistry WOWZA!), I hope this kind of storyline (especially with her line next week) means that we are seeing the real end of any potential for that.

Good show, not as great as the Allan Heinberg episode, but it was good.

Scrubs -- I still enjoy this show; I still laugh, but I'm really not happy with the JD/Kim story. And I'm not seeing enough JD/Turk or JD/Cox interaction. Still, Scrubs sub-par is still better than most comedies (although, it does have competition now, more than ever before) and I still love it.

Supernatural -- This was probably my favorite episode since the second one of this season. I'm not obsessed with this show like many on my flist, but I do enjoy it and tonight was excellent. I have to ask (I'm not spoiled on this one) can someone spoil me about Ava? Is she a demon? Please say no! I LOVED her and Sam -- I could totally ship the hell out of them. I thought they had great chemistry and interplay -- plus, I gotta be impressed with someone who makes me not bored during Sam (non-Dean) scenes. And she did the trick! So go Ava/Sam!

Heck, I was all whiny to myself that she was engaged throughout the first half of their scenes, by the second half I was hoping (I'm evil, yes) that her fiance would bite it and then she and Sam would have something to bond over. I found the character and actress delightful, but I'm really, really afraid she's a demon and killed her fiance. And that would suck! Ah well. So someone feel free to spoil me. (It may have been in the previews, but I downloaded this and for some reason, no one ever includes the previews when uploading.) Yes, I simply refuse to believe that she's dead until I see a body. On a non-Sam/Ava bit, I just frickin' love Dean. Jensen Ackles is my 2nd TV boyfriend (after Jason, of course). His line readings, facial expressions just rock.

The O.C. -- I don't know if it's not watching them in a row, but again I was a little let down by this episode. It was good, but not the GOOOOD! the first eight episodes were for me. Ah, I still enjoyed it, but for a nighttime "soap" it isn't giving me enough skin and sizzle. Would it kill 'em to give us some hot Taylor/Ryan? I mean, don't get me wrong I liked the dream and pulling her up for the kiss, but I expected some real time action and am still waiting for their chemistry to be really capitalized on.

Not enjoying Kaitlyn's story. The dude is boring and I don't like not enjoying Kaitlyn. {{Pout}} (Although, I was amused by Julie's teasing riff on his dorkiness.) Seth and Summer didn't grab me season one and I still see why ... or rather why not. I just find them kinda boring and rather chemistry-less. But, hey I couldn't be bored with Summer's story because we got to see CHE!!! I love you, Chris Pratt. I've decided that Jason Dohring and Chris Pratt have to do a show together next season (VM is so getting canceled.) and I will be in heaven. (Well, near-heaven -- because heaven would include Jensen Ackles in the mix.) Yes, Chris Pratt is my 3rd TV boyfriend.

Anyhoo, good show, just not wowing me like the first batch did. Ah well. I still enjoyed it plenty lots.

So, all in all ... excellente night of television and my favorite of the night gets the icon!
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