Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Give My Regards to Broadway! Part 2

So, I wrote up a post a few days ago about the Broadway musicals I either have seen or own the music of (mostly, sniff, the latter). Here's the first batch link and now the next. First off, this is the full list of the musicals:

Musical ListCollapse )

I'm more than happy to put up zips of the musicals listed, and I would LOVE to hear some suggestions (and possibly downloads) of ones I don't have on my list. So, here's the next batch of mini-reviews.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling BeeCollapse )

The Boy From OzCollapse )

Dirty Rotten ScoundrelsCollapse )

The Drowsy ChaperoneCollapse )

EvitaCollapse )
Tags: broadway

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