Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Broadway Again ... Specifically "Spring Awakening"

So this one just opened up in December and if it hits big and strikes a chord, it will be the first Bway musical phenomenon I've been into from before it hit. I saw it on Amazon when I was buying other musicals, listened to the clips and fell in love. I got the CD about four days ago and have mostly been playing it non-stop. It's in my CD player and burned onto both my PC and laptop. I just visited the website and they had a video up of one of the songs ("It's the Bitch of Living") that's mostly straight from the show with some quick flashes of other scenes and just that production number had me going.

Ahh, more than ever I wish I lived closer to NY, I'd so go and see it. And since I'll have no other way, I'm definitely going to be looking for any bootleg copy I can get my hands on. Although, I'm hoping that it will be released on DVD eventually (they've shot it, obviously, so hopefully it will).

It's just, wow! Not safe for kids, see the song title above -- there's another one called "Totally Fucked." For anyone who doesn't know it's based on a 1891 German play, and it takes place in that setting with 20th century vernacular. Trust me it works. And it's basically indie rock with a Broadway twist. It's about sex and love and homosexuality and discovery of all of the above, alienation, suicide, pain, death, misery, abortion, life. And yet it's alive and fresh. Fun and flirty, romantic and moving. It's also painful and heartbreaking. It's deep and shallow, dance-able, sing-along-able-to, vibrant and brilliant.

Here's an upload link to the soundtrack: Spring Awakening

It's really amazing (the CD alone is astounding -- what I wouldn't give to watch this show!) and if you're interested in Broadway at all, you must check this out. It's a keeper!
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