Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Wednesday Night Television

Well, I finally finished watching last night's television shows.

Friday Night Lights

Just a little Lyla -- and with Jason, with whom I enjoy her. Barely any Smash and no Tyra. Woohoo!! Tons o' Matt and tons o' Riggins and of course, everyone's new favorite couple, Riggins/Landry!! Woohoo!!

Quick random thoughts.

  • Riggins is SOOOOOOOOO pretty.
  • Matt is all kinds of awesome and quite simply THE best actual good/nice guy I've ever seen on television.
  • For VM watchers, does Jason Street (Scott Porter) remind anyone else of a slightly better looking (albeit with less pretty eyes), much better acting Teddy Dunn? Or is it just me?
  • Kyle Chandler -- even with only a little bit of screentime -- still kicks incredible amounts of booty!

    Beauty and the Geek

    Speaking of booty! As soon as Tori asked what Sayjay thought booty was, I knew he would say pirate's treasure and it cracked me up that all the geeks said the same thing.

    I love "Beauty and the Geek." I didn't watch it at first (but have since watched all seasons) because it sounded like a skeezy, sleazy dating reality show, but it's not. It's truly a social experiment and quite possibly the least dramatic, back-biting, nasty reality show ever. It has heart and love and shows people becoming better people. I love it so. It sounds like a joke, but I mean it when I say that this show totally warms the cockles of my heart.

    My faves are Nadia (who I liked from her introduction) and Mario, and Erin and Drew -- who grew on me in the second hour.

    Top Chef

    I read TWoP about certain shows and Top Chef is one of them, but it's also one of the threads that I stop reading fairly quickly because while everyone loves one of my faves (the beautiful, elegant Elia), everyone bashes on my other fave ... Sam. Yes, he went off on Marcel last night, and it wasn't well done of him, but overall, I still like him. He's strong, he's solid, he's hot, he's a great chef, a good leader. He doesn't like Marcel; clearly the guy has gotten under his skin. Other than that, he's been great. And I say that including the whole commenting on Elia's take on the beach challenge. Many thought he was "throwing her under the bus." I read his comment as she took a risk, I took a risk -- hers paid off, mine didn't. End of story.

    Anyhoo, about last night. Betty's annoying; I'm glad she's gone. Marcel is likable in an annoying, I'm not spending time with you, but watching you on TV way. Elan was really a whiny, petty dick last night. Elia was lovely, Sam lost his cool, but I still heart him. That's my pick/hope for the final two. And I'm hoping my psychic ability holds out because I totally called BOTH the top three and bottom three last night. Uh huh!
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