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Tomorrow is Another Day ...

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19 August 1972
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Tomorrow is Another Day

My main fandom right now is The Vampire Diaries (with Damon/Elena -- pictured above -- being my main couple); for me, for the first time, though, it's not just adoring the couple and loving the show, I completely adore this show so very much. I've watched it more than any other, I love so many characters, I ship multiple couples. I think it's fantastic television, and it very well may wind up being my favorite show of all time. Yeah, I love it that much.

Taking a gander at the pics below ...

* from The Vampire Diaries, there's Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine). I really do think Nina is talented and adorable, but my love for Ian knows no bounds. I've seen everything he's done now, and he's become my favorite actor ... ever. And together, they are so squee-worthy (and most likely dating in real life, so I have double the reason to squee over them).

* As for my favorite actress, she's not doing much now, but I still adore Billie Piper, and I can't wait until the next series of Secret Diary of a Call Girl hits.

* I've backed away from the Sheldon/Penny, Big Bang Theory fandom, but that doesn't mean I've stopped loving the show or the couple.

* And while he's not doing anything right now -- although he did do lead work on an independent film, Searching for Sonny -- I'm still a huge fan of Jason Dohring.

* Which leaves me with my final main fandom that is Jeff/Annie of Community. I'm not as into the show itself now, and there isn't much going on with my couple, but I know whenever stuff does happen, I'll be squeeing away all over again.

* I still have my favorite tv shows (those mentioned above, plus the always-awesome Fringe, The Good Wife and White Collar) and various programs I watch. I'm reading when I can (I love The Hunger Games Trilogy), and watching movies now and then, but with my work -- yay! I have a job! -- I just don't have as much time, so I'm less prolific in my lj than I ever have been. But for those who've stuck with me, or are new to my journal, I hope you enjoy what I do manage to put out. :)

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