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25 October 2006 @ 06:09 am
3.04 'Charlie Don't Surf' L/V Thoughts  
Sigh, so I Guess This Icon Wasn't a Spoiler After All :( Anyhoo, I'm trying to get my Logan/Veronica analysis done earlier and I did it this week, so yay. This is for the upcoming episode breakdown for The LoVe Shack. Enjoy.

Scene One: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

This may be the healthiest we've seen Logan ... like ever. Veronica's all worried and slightly freaking and Logan's joking and smirking in good-natured fashion, but when she continues to freak he became all mature and just awesome. His "Veronica, I'm not going to say anything bad," was just so, so awesome. Logan being reassuring? Logan being the calm, rational one? Logan? Wow! That night on the roof was not a one-shot deal (although, obviously those were much worse circumstances). Logan really has grown up a bit, his death-wish is gone and he's settling into being a pretty decent guy. Go Logan!

But, let's back up a bit to the "milky thighs" comment and just hee! All of Veronica's ranting about her nakedness which Logan has seen and touched, etc. was good for humor. But, ah, when Logan said the phrase "milky thighs," there was definitely a rise in the temperature. Suddenly, there was a whole new level of LOGANANDVERONICAAREHAVINGSEXOHMY!!!! to the mood. Sometimes it just all depends on who's saying the what. Hee.

Finally there was the moment when Veronica held out her hand for Logan to take. *Sigh* What a lovely little throwback (intentional or not) to A Trip to the Dentist when discovered by a room full of 09ers, Logan held out his hand for Veronica to take showing that he was cool with everyone knowing that she was his girlfriend. Here, Veronica held out her hand to Logan to take before sitting down for dinner with dad, essentially showing that she was cool with Logan being allowed into the Mars inner family circle. And let us take note, this is the first time we've ever seen Veronica and Keith have dinner with ANYONE! And Keith suggested it which makes one think that he knows how serious Veronica is about Logan. Squee!

Scene Two: Familial Love

I enjoyed this scene for both the surface and what's beneath. Of course, the surface level was just funny. The questions casually asked that Logan tried to answer and Veronica's nonstop interrupt-fest at just about every seemingly innocuous query was amusing. I would have liked to see the scene go along a little longer, but what we did get ... it was so much fun seeing the three of them together, interacting. And ah, it was nice seeing Keith attempting to be nice -- even if it wasn't genuine, which may not have been. Perhaps, Veronica had the right of it. I do wonder if it was more Veronica not giving him the chance to put Logan in his place, so to speak. I'm thinking this because of what happened when Keith met Troy (in The Wrath of Con). Like in this scene, Keith started out calm and interested in what the boy his daughter was seeing was all about. It was only after he had given Troy enough rope to hang himself that Keith went in for the kill and put him in his place. It was quite clear that Veronica -- judging from the many requests she gave her father to be nice -- was well aware of this little technique of Keith's. Therefore, all of her interruptions likely had nothing to do with lack of trust in Logan or fear that he would put his foot in it. She knows her father and knows that a seemingly benign question could very well be just two moves away from skewering the poor youth.

So, hee! I do think Veronica should have more faith in Logan because I like to believe that he's crafty enough that he could neatly sidestep any of Keith's verbal traps and Veronica should realize this. However, I'll definitely give her a pass because I think it wasn't so much not having faith in Logan as seeing her mighty father as impervious to even Logan's fast footwork.

There was also some lovely character movement here from Logan in how he was watching the interplay between Keith and Veronica. Logan fans have long been frustrated with Veronica's lack of reciprocal feelings for Logan (banished after the last episode -- SQUEE!) because Logan not only didn't get it from Veronica; he'd gotten it from no one else. Certainly not from his family. And to see Logan, an outsider even while sitting at their table, watching this clear family unit so filled with love and genuine affection was heartbreaking. He looked at the two with a sorta dazed, adoring wonderment. (Okay, I'm sure the "adoring" was mostly for Veronica). It was as if he was witnessing something so startling wonderful to behold; he couldn't keep the smile off his face or the sparkle from his eyes. And, of course, there is lovely resonance with this at the end of the episode. But we're not there yet.

Before we move on I want to comment on one more aspect of this scene that is very LoVe-friendly. I mentioned above that I don't think Veronica's interruptions had anything to do with lack of faith in Logan; in fact I felt that she was trying to protect Logan. In addition, she was also happily trying to build him up for Keith as well. ("Hearst accepted him late because his scores were so high," she said proudly.) It's so very nice to see emotional continuity carried over from last week.

Scene Three: Go Get 'Em, Bobcat

Honestly the nicest thing about this scene was the comparison to the only other time we've seen Logan and Veronica in an elevator together -- this elevator, in fact, with the horrific gold, spangly decor. That would, of course, be the infamous sole LoVe scene in Donut Run, Rob Thomas' directorial debut in which we saw Logan and Veronica nastier to one another since, oh, The Pilot. Yeah, that bad.

What a difference nine months made. Just check out the pictorial evidence below:

But enough of that not-so-lovely memory, back to the present and in the present, Logan and Veronica have continued their streak of utter adorability. Veronica jokingly asked Logan if he's showing her porn (as she's leaning over to touch him), and then in true Veronica Mars fashion wondering if it has something to do with a soft, cute animal (ponies, puppies, kittens, oh my!). Alas for this cat lover -- what I wouldn't give to see Logan cuddling a kitty -- felines were not in store for the young Miss Mars. Instead it was all about the dollars, Logan explained, opening the door to his suite himself, instead of letting Veronica use her key (squee!).

Okay I lied ... at the start of this when I said that the compare/contrast is the nicest thing, nah. It's the second nicest thing. The bestest thing is the fact that we are not seeing the show play fast and loose with their relationship --Veronica is as wonderfully open as she could be and caring for Logan in episode three and then back to being emotionally withdrawn here. No, we are still getting a Veronica who loves Logan and is totally playing the supportive girlfriend. She offered the help of Keith's accountant and then simply the help of herself. Ahhh, Veronica giving of herself (and her dad's associates) to Logan. Lovely.

As for Logan, well, he just is in a much sprightlier mood than the first couple of episodes, which we can certainly choose to believe is thanks to his "Bobcat" opening up to him at last. ** Sigh **

Scene Four: My Eyes Adored You

Hee! The title pretty much sums up the entire first half of this scene because that's about all that Logan did – let his eyes adore Veronica. While Veronica was all "wtf?!" about Keith and Harmony, Logan was all about Veronica and adoring her with his eyes. Seriously. Beyond taking in the older pair when he and Veronica first walked in, his eyes were practically glued to Veronica and they were all shiny and happy and filled with schmoopy, gooey love. Hee! And what's really nice about this scene is that in her own way, Veronica showed that she's filled with as much schmoopy, gooey love. After Harmony left, and Keith told Logan about the deal with the money, Veronica was completely there! The questions that had been careening through her mind at full speed moments before about who the woman was that her daddy was being so chummy with came to a standstill once Keith brought up Logan's problem. Then she was immediately thinking of Logan, of his problems and of how he could be helped. Totally feeling for him. Man, in the world of Veronica Mars, when her brain stops mid-gear whirring over Keith of all things and parks firmly on your mystery, that's love. That is love.

Scene Five: Veronica, The Bestest Girlfriend Ever!

Okay, I cannot be the only person who flashbacked to the Hot Dogs when Veronica was checking up on Trina's "sleaze of the week" boyfriend. Ah memories. They're in a better place now, but hey, that sleuthing led to a really, really hot kiss. Oh well, can't have everything. And what we have here is Veronica really helping Logan. She's been such a concerned, supportive girlfriend … it's actually a little mind-boggling.

Scene Six: Veronica's Beau

Short and sweet, Logan tells Veronica to screw her brains out. Hee! The thing that most may remember from this scene is that after Veronica called Logan her beau (little hee!), she leaned over and kissed his cheek and as she walked away, you can see Logan wiping his cheek. I would like to point out that about five seconds before, she had just taken a big swig from her water bottle, no doubt her lips were pretty wet, thus the cheek-wipe. Logan doesn't think that Veronica has cooties!

Scene Seven: A Working Relationship

Again, as in most of this episode, there's not much to analyze. It simply comes down to one thing: For the first time since this show began we are seeing Logan and Veronica in a healthy relationship. She's open and loving as he has always been with her when things are romantic. She's supportive and concerned for him, ditto he for her. They're both there for one another, laughing together, eating together, and just simply being together. And we see that here in this scene in full force. Veronica did all that she did (and clearly spent a lot of time on it) just for Logan, no other reason. The answer to this would provide no gain to her, it was all for him. She found out where his money was going bye-bye just to help him out and without making any snide quips about his wealth, no less.

I don't think that it can't be said enough how wonderful this is for those fans of Logan and Veronica who genuinely like seeing them together as a couple and aren't just into them because of the love-hate, push-pull, dramatics, bloodshed feel, angst-o-rama of what their relationship has been shown to be up until now. I'm talking about fans who like them for one or some or all of the following reasons: The dynamics of their characters, good and bad, work well together. Jason Dohring and Kristen Bell have chemistry whether they're playing out a healthy relationship or a fucked-up one. Or simply because they're pretty together. If any or all of the above apply, such viewers (and I count myself as one where all three apply) have got to love what we are seeing. They work. Logan and Veronica, in a relationship, can and DO work.

Oh, and hee! She used her bonus birthday gift.

Scene Eight: What a Suspicious Mind You Have, Veronica Mars

Not much here. Most of the action was on Logan and Fake Charlie's interaction, but it was definitely interesting how assessing Veronica's gaze was. We've ever only seen Veronica like that when (a) she's solving a case -- and as far as she's concerned at this point, this case done be solved or (b) when someone she cares about is possibly be taken for a ride. And as the last episode (and this one) have shown us, Veronica definitely cares about Logan. It's still nice see obvious proof smack us in the face. She sensed that something was not quite right with the too-perfect Charlie Stone, but like the good girlfriend she is proving herself to be, she didn't throw it in Logan's face. (Ssh! She needs to get proof first.)

And let us not fail to note that Logan introduced Veronica as his girlfriend. Which, of course, we all noted he didn't do last week when those skanks lovely young women invited him to a party. I stand by my fanwanking that he just didn't want spend too much time talking to them, here he thinks that Fake Charlie isn't fake and therefore he introduces her with due respect and obviousness because of her importance in his life. Uh huh.

Scene Nine: Charlie Do Surf ... But He's No Charlie

Why exactly did Veronica choose to out Fake Charlie in public? Other than that, I understand why Veronica did what she did and even though he didn't say anything, I'm fairly confident that Logan did too. What worked here is that again we saw a Veronica who cares about her boyfriend and it was in the little things. Veronica loves her big reveals (which could explain the why of the locale she chose), but her smug demeanor was kept to a minimum.

There is one detail in particular I'd like to mention. Some have wondered in the past if Veronica is bothered by Logan's use of force at times, but I think this again proves that while she's not hip-hip-hooray about it, she understands he's a young man and males do like to use their fists. Yes, she reacted with a jump when he punched Fake Charlie, but she didn't tell him to stop or try and keep him from doing so at any point and she certainly had the opportunity. In addition, once Fake Charlie was down, it was seemingly forgotten by Veronica as her concern was fully for Logan and apologizing for taking away Logan's "family."

And that is why she was apologizing. Yes, the guy was lying, but Logan was enjoying having him in his life; he was loving having a family member he could talk to and get along with. Although it would have come out anyway (the Vanity Fair story), had Veronica not been the one to reveal it, Logan would have had that "family" for a bit longer and Veronica wouldn't have been the one to take it away from him. And for that, she was sorry.

Scene Ten: The Girl's A'Learning

Okay, seriously, my favorite moment in this episode was right here. When Logan just ran up, ran around her, wrapping his arm around her waist, I loved it. It was a gleeful overreaction to cover his pain, but it was glee directed towards Veronica in a totally adorable way and it just made me smile. I rewound that moment about five times when I first saw it. As for the rest of the scene? See? Logan understood why she did what she did and had no problem with her doing it.

I felt rather sad for Logan that he immediately assumed the worst of Real Charlie, but I can't blame him. I just can't. Not after all of the disappointment he's had in his life and I don't think that Veronica could either. I'm stopping this train of thought now because this is the LoVe analysis, not the Logan analysis and I do have one more LoVe thing to point out. (Okay, two. The hair kissing and stroking was sweet Suh-weet. I want Logan for a boyfriend. I'm willing to risk the piano wire.) Ahem.

I loved how even though Veronica did think that Logan was assuming and possibly wrong about Charlie, she clearly took stock in his frame of mind and didn't push. Proof. She's learning that before she brings him bad news, she needs proof. Now, let's just hope that all of that learning will apply when next she thinks he's being a bad boy, mayhap she'll try and find proof before going all accusatory. Right now, she's hitting all the right cylinders and I couldn't be more proud of her. You go, Veronica!

Scene Eleven: V and Sympathy

Short, but sweet and if it doesn't quite pack the emotional punch it could have I blame it on a few shallow quirks -- but they do matter -- and sorry, Kristen Bell, and the director. First the shallow, Veronica's hair and make-up were just so blah and just wrong that it was almost striking. Maybe it was just me, but it threw me off when we saw pretty, pretty Logan (because Jason did look EXTREMELY pretty in this scene) and then Veronica looking about as blah as I've ever seen her. That's the shallow. As for Bell, it wasn't the entire scene by a long shot, just the first couple of lines. I don't know why she chose to deliver them the way she did and it's very, very possible that it was the director's call (she was ON for the rest of the episode beautifully), but those first couple of lines sounded like she was talking to a small child and trying to explain something that was possibly too difficult for him to understand. It was very odd. But again, I could just blame the director who did an overall blah job in directing, I felt. Ah, I've been very happy with Kristen Bell the last few episodes, I'll blame the director.

No even with my issues, I still enjoyed this scene because as I mentioned above, I really felt that Logan was just so touched by Keith and Veronica's interaction at dinner. He was so dazzled at the affection he witnessed between them because it was so alien to anything he'd ever experienced. So it was a lovely, lovely callback to that reaction from Logan to have him tell Veronica pretty much that (and with teary eyes, no less). What was also quite lovely was Veronica again being such a wonderful girlfriend, so very, very there for Logan. I loved her leaning into him, putting her chin on his shoulder, her arm caressing him in sympathy. It was so sweet and so loving.

I must say that I'm truly very happy that when we were given such a show as we were last week that proved that Veronica DOES love Logan, it didn't switch gears on us. This episode could NOT have aired at any point before Wichita Linebacker because the difference in Veronica in relation to her treatment/attitude towards Logan is so startling. And so wonderful in contrast. And we were, yet again, given another scene encapsulating that beautifully.

polarthestral on October 25th, 2006 10:43 am (UTC)
And let us take note, this is the first time we've ever seen Veronica and Keith have dinner with ANYONE! And Keith suggested it which makes one think that he knows how serious Veronica is about Logan. Squee!

Technically, Keith showed interest in Troy and made Veronica arrange an outing for all three of them as well. They did go mini-golfing and Keith arranged that for similar reasons. Keith tends to want to have a meeting when Veroica starts spending a lot of time with her boyfriends. Though, I love that we never saw a Duncan/Keith/Veronica dinner despite the fact Keith seemed to approve of Duncan. That seems to show he wasn't concerned about Duncan becoming a permanent fixture. A cynic would say that shows Keith wasn't concerned about Duncan's intentions but I think Keith's lack of interest shows he wasn't threatened by Duncan's inteference in the Daddy-Daughter dynamic in the same way he is with Troy and Logan.

"Hearst accepted him late because his scores were so high," she said proudly

Well . . . technically she used this proud moment to cover up bad scores so I don't think it really was a 'proud' exclamation. It's like she didn't want Keith to see Logan like he actually is because she thought Keith wouldn't approve and/or attack him. That saddens me because she shouldn't have to cover up who Logan is and she does feel that impulse even if she is doing it because she wants to give Keith a positive perception of Logan.

Arabian: LoVe _ Squee!!!arabian on October 25th, 2006 10:54 am (UTC)
I don't agree, sorry. The Troy situation was totally different because Keith didn't know Troy at ALL! Logan he's known since he was twelve. He didn't need to get to know Logan, this arrangement struck more as Keith was aware of the importance of Logan and so he was inviting him, albeit for one night, into the inner circle.

Got to disagree about your second point. Yes, she was covering up his low test scores, but she'd been interrupting non-stop, she not only knew this fact about Logan, it was one that she DID deliver proudly. She could do what you're suggesting, get away from the bad grades, and still be showing her pride in him. I just didn't see anything in Veronica's actions that showed any disappointment or disapproval in Logan. This is her dad and we know that she knows how he is with guys. If she was so disappointed and disproved of Logan so deeply, she wouldn't have agreed to the dinner.
polarthestral on October 25th, 2006 11:33 am (UTC)
You compared the way Keith interrogated Logan with the way he interrogated Troy - based on his intentions and all. So I see no problem in comparing Keith's decision to have a dinner with Logan, especially considering he obviously didn't have a dinner with Logan the first time around. I think Keith didn't see him as a serious part of Veronica's life then in the same way he didn't see Duncan like that. With Troy and Logan the second time around I think Keith could see how much Veronica had invested herelf in the relationship so it is comparable.

I think I took the marks comment like I did because it ties in with the way she insulted Logan's intelligence/dedication in the last episode. Veronica does disapprove of the way Logan behaves academically, it's been portrayed in past episodes - she made several comments about it in the episode right before this one. There was also a slight reference in 2.17 with Logan "plagiarising" Easy Rider. I do think she was trying to protect Logan, but that instinct to protect him from Keith's attack stems from the faults she sees in him. I don't think she's evil or that she's ashamed of him but I do think they are going to have problems if she won't let Logan be himself when he's around her dad. She's anxious and obviously doesn't want Logan to be upset by an interrogation but if she keeps cutting in over and over again, I just wonder if Logan won't get a bit annoyed that she won't be entirely honest about how he's doing because of what Keith's reaction migh be. It's a mixture of both: she knows Keith but she also knows Logan and apparently mixing them is bad.

I do think she genuinely loves Logan that's why she's trying to make Keith's perception of him positive. But I also think she's aware of all of Logan's faults and I guess I don't like the feeling I get when I watch her deflecting Keith's attention away from them.
Arabian: Bench-Kissing (cap by lapses)arabian on October 25th, 2006 08:27 pm (UTC)
My comparison was about that's what VERONICA thought. Keith arranged the dinner, and in her experience when Keith arranged to talk to her beaus, it was bad news. I think Keith genuinely wanted to get to know Logan better.

And the high scores things was soooooooooooo different from last week. She was trying to be a bitch last week. Here, she knew that Logan got bad grades (which we're all assuming he did), but she was latching onto what he did do well. He tested high. She knew that and she was touting it. If Logan DID get bad grades, not wanting Keith to know isn't a bad thing. She probably figures that Keith already suspects that, so instead, she's all "Hey! He had really high scores! Woohoo!" She wasn't saying Logan is dumb, dad. She was avoiding a topic that she knew was negative (his bad grades) to spotlight proof of his intelligence.

I just don't see any bad in how Veronica handled things.
harper47harper47 on October 25th, 2006 11:20 am (UTC)
Wow - that was fast. I enjoyed reliving all the lovely moments again. And yes, the very, very best part about this is Veronica didn't pull back. This is what we LoVe fans have been waiting to see - a relationship where each member is giving every part of them fully. I just basked in this show.
Arabian: LoVe _ Squee!!!arabian on October 25th, 2006 11:31 am (UTC)
Well, with my laptop at work, I could work on it and really there wasn't that much to analyze at all in this episode. It was mostly just Veronica being an awesome girlfriend and us seeing LoVe in a healthy relationship. Awesome!
tigereyes320: LVS3Findtopfloortigereyes320 on October 25th, 2006 11:32 am (UTC)
I totally agree
The only part I'm not sure I agree with was the last scene. I think they had Veronica deliver her lines like that to possibly gauge Logan's reaction.

He'd just been devastated, she might not have been completely sure where he was emotionally at that moment, when she realized he wasn't angry so much as miserable she did the whole leaning thing.

Frankly I'd have liked to see Veronica do her little butting in part and maybe have a talk with the real Charlie Stone - I also wish there had been resolution with Logan's money, since the accountant was taking money form him did he get it back?

Otherwise I loved this episode, and I agree if we hadn't seen Wichita first this episode would have been Twilight zone episode. I love when they aren't all angst they are capable of having a healthy realtionship!
Arabian: Stair-kissingarabian on October 25th, 2006 08:48 pm (UTC)
Re: I totally agree
The only part I'm not sure I agree with was the last scene. I think they had Veronica deliver her lines like that to possibly gauge Logan's reaction.

You could be right, but I wish that the director had gone for something else or that KB had had a little less patronzing in her tone.

Frankly I'd have liked to see Veronica do her little butting in part and maybe have a talk with the real Charlie Stone

Hmm, maybe Veronica will help broker something between Logan and RealCharlie down the road? She could certainly explain the situation in a way that he might understand.

I also wish there had been resolution with Logan's money, since the accountant was taking money form him did he get it back?

But the money he was taking was set up in Aaron's will, I guess, for the Real Charlie. It wasn't being embezzled, so that would mean Logan really is running low on funds, whether we'll see more on this, I don't know.

I love when they aren't all angst they are capable of having a healthy realtionship!

YES! I love healthy, happy LoVe!
Shane: eyes open kisshavemy_heart on October 25th, 2006 04:38 pm (UTC)
I have shied away from others' thoughts of this season because I was just getting depressed. I haven't even finished reading this but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for realizing/seeing/understanding that Logan isn't the same because he's growing up and maturing, which people are allowed to do. Some people seem to want to keep Logan as the same old snarky, occasional OPJ with no possibility of character growth. This makes me sad. We're finally seeing Veronica and Logan trying to have a healthy relationship, and I am elated. He has still retained his ability to banter with Veronica and we saw with fake!Charlie that he'll still throw a punch where needed, but he's growing as a character. He's in college now and doesn't have to worry about his father anymore. That inspires change and I wish more people would see that.

*off to finish reading*
Arabian: Look of LoVearabian on October 25th, 2006 08:58 pm (UTC)
Well, I'm glad you enjoy it. Yes, I agree with you, we're seeing growth in him. I was one who was frustrating last year that Logan seemed unaffected by all that had happened, so seeing him this way really makes sense. I like a lot.

I hope you enjoyed the whole thing. (And I've written up the rest of the season and posted it here also. S1 and S2 can be found at either something-happens.com or in the breakdowns at The LoVe Shack (link in the first post).
WeHo M.: VM - LV Kiss S3afrocurl on October 25th, 2006 04:58 pm (UTC)
Hee! We have a supportive relationship between these two, and that's good.

That's all I've got right now.
Arabian: LoVe _ Squee!!!arabian on October 25th, 2006 08:59 pm (UTC)
That's enough and entirely appropriate!
Eleonorafreezing_82 on October 25th, 2006 10:32 pm (UTC)
But, let's back up a bit to the "milky thighs" comment and just hee! All of Veronica's ranting about her nakedness which Logan has seen and touched, etc. was good for humor. But, ah, when Logan said the phrase "milky thighs," there was definitely a rise in the temperature. Suddenly, there was a whole new level of LOGANANDVERONICAAREHAVINGSEXOHMY!!!! to the mood. Sometimes it just all depends on who's saying the what. Hee.

You know what Jen? Haven't see the episode yet (I'm waiting to watch it tomorrow with on eof my best friends), but Logan's "milky thighs" comment (I saw it in the Cw dc) just killed me! Oh my! How much I love this guy?
I'm definitely with you on that temp-rising thought!
I'll come back to this after the 'vm-watching' session.
staygold70staygold70 on October 31st, 2006 02:12 am (UTC)
I don't know if you and I had an irreperable internet falling out. I hope not. We've seen some things differently over time, mostly because I just choose to see the positive in everything for my own mental health. Sometimes I get snippy with those who see the negative, but that's my problem not theirs.

I was mostly offline from June - Oct as predicted earlier. But now I have a little time to be back. So, I just wanted to tell you that I'm glad you're still out here doing your thing. Your words about L/V this week are beautiful, as always. You and I are so much more on the same side of things than not.

Keep on fighting the good fight. I don't have the time or strength to fight it, so I focus on the good at all times. But you should know that it's easier to be positive when people like you are fighting for the good stuff.

Just stay gold is all...
Arabian: Stair-kissingarabian on March 4th, 2007 09:15 am (UTC)
Aww, I didn't see this until now. I'll have to try and contact you to let you know that anytime you want to head on in here or just talk whatever, I'm cool with it. I'm bummed that things ended as they did with us on the board, but I don't consider us really falling out. Just having different pov's.

Off to check out your lj and try and contact you. :)
staygold70staygold70 on March 6th, 2007 03:59 am (UTC)
Glad to hear from you. I've actually been back to being fairly absent lately. But I do lurk around lj, Love Shack, and TWoP, and have noted (with great joy) your recent turn to the positive. The world needs not just your analysis, but, I think, the positive spin of it, so I've been most happy to read it.

Actually your recent post convinced me that the current break up is about Logan's unwillingness to play the traditional L/V roles, something which is shocking Veronica to the core. Shocking her enough to find a sap who will play the part, which she'll find totally unsatisfying.

So, in an ironic twist, your optimistic spin has renewed my faith.

And I'll friend you now. Hope you'll do the same.