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22 June 2006 @ 07:21 am
So You Think You Can Dance (6/22 Thoughts)  

Note: I jotted down all thoughts before I heard the judges' opinions.

- Travis/Martha: They just seemed really uncomforable, plus three-quarters of their joint choreography was not together. Again, I think they are great dancers separately, but they just don't perform like a pair to me.

- Jessica/Jaymz: Awesome, beautiful, sheer perfection.

- Ivan/Allison: I just wasn't impressed with Ivan because we know that he can do hip-hop; the question is can he do anything else? Judging by last week: No and I'm still baffled as to how he is still here and Stanislav is not. Allison, on the other hand, was fabulous and appeared as at ease with the style as he did.

- Joy/Dimitri: Joy has such vitality, but you could see her struggling with the dance. I do think that she and Dimitri have a nice chemistry and connection though and they do look beautiful together. And he was just wonderful.

- Natalie/Musa: (This was the only duo where I'm commenting on their package because it was so adorable, I had to. My notes simply say: I LOVE THEM!!! I liked the contemporary dance choreography better last week with Alexsandra/Jason, but Natalie/Musa just have SUCH chemistry, passion and talent taht I can't NOT adore them!

- Heidi/Ryan: Ahhh!! Kelly!! And my second favorite song of hers EVER! Okay, about the routine -- it was good, but I just feel a disconnect with them. I just don't feel them, I don't feel anything when I watch them dance. (Added after the judges' comment -- I agree with Nigel.)

- Ben/Ashley: Fun, fun, fun!! I thought they really redeemed themselves after the fiasco of last week. Yes, Ashley was slagging here and there, but considering her lack of know-how with this dance, the pressures of it and her own style, I was impressed. And Ben is just marvelous.

- Alexsandra/Jason - I like them and I think they work well together and considering that Alex can't change the fact that she is such (to quote Shane) "a white girl," I thought she handled herself admirably and her and Jason really complimented and balanced each other out. They work hard and it shows.

- Benji/Donyelle - Fun, funny, great choreography, great dress (my fave of the evening). I just love them!! And the ending of their routine was THE BEST! And on a personal note, I really loved what Nigel said about Donyelle's weight because my mother was overweight (much moreso than Donyelle), but when she danced, no one thought of her weight because she was so good, so confident, so amazing that one just marveled at her talent and I loved seeing Nigel acknowledge that when you have such talent and you own that talent and that confidence, you don't have to be a stick figure. And I agree 100% that Donyelle looked amazing!

My top three were:

1. Jessica/Jaymz, I simply adored EVERYTHING about their routine.
2. Natalie/Musa, Although, I think the dance of Benji/Donyelle was better, I'm more of a chemistry-appreciator and I think they have amazing chemistry so they are a step above Benji/Donyelle for me for that reason.
3. Benji/Donyelle were a very close third though.

Who I think the bottom three should be:

1. Ryan/Heidi -- I'm sorry, but they bore me. I just feel nothing when they dance.
2. Travis/Martha -- They were good, but the other teams were just better.
3. Joy/Dimitri -- I hate writing their names because I really enjoy them, but I do think that they belong in the bottom three.

Sadly, I think that Joy may go home tomorrow, I like Heidi, but I'd prefer to see her go simply because I like Joy more, but I think it will be Joy. As for the male? Sadly, it may be Dimitri also because I can't see the brilliant dancer that is Travis or the dynamo that is Ryan go.
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harper47harper47 on June 22nd, 2006 12:31 pm (UTC)
Hee - again while I agree with some of your thoughts - I don't agree with them all. I'm going to post my burblings but I will just say I adore Benji/Donyelle. That was fun to watch, excellently performed and a great, friend type chemistry just explodes off of them. They obviously like each other and I like that. Musa and Natalie have sexual chemistry - and if they haven't already had sex - I expect it any day now (hee!) and that works for them. I'm not a big fan of Natalie but I kind of like Musa more and more every time I see him. He seems humble and he went out last year and took classes to better himself and I just never, ever get an arrogant vibe from him. Not a big fan of the dance but it was a much better contempory than last week (better choreographer).

I'll save all my original comments for my lj but I think Joy will go and actually should go as I think Ashlee did a fantastic job for her lack of training. I can't tell what guy they are sending home - though I wish it was Ivan.