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05 August 2009 @ 09:45 pm
SYTYCD (Final Four - Evan routines only)  
Didn't finish it yet, just watched up to Evan's final comments ...

^&^*#&%#)+(% Judges!! Seriously!?!?!? And people say they aren't being biased against Evan!? REALLY!?!? Mary talks about how wrong Evan's arm movements were, even showing it herself and then the playback shows NOT Evan doing what Mary said he was, but KAYLA DOING IT! And then she compliments the hell out Kayla!!

The Sonya routine with Jeanine was gorgeous and BOTH of them sold the hell out of it. But, of course, Jeanine got a tongue bath, and Evan was damned with faint praise and considered less than. Oh yeah, and he went first. What a shock. The routine with Brandon was CRAP!!! The choreography was horrible, the set-up, the song choice, everything, and NEITHER of them sold it. But, of course, Evan got crapped on and Brandon was praised to high heaven. Evan's solo -- sweetie, wearing a white shirt was not a good idea, and I liked it, but I do agree it wasn't wowing, but still, they've praised others with not-so-wowing routines because it's the finale. Evan? Nope, it was crap on Evan time again. Then came the final routine (a fucking jive!!!) where Evan sold the hell out of it, where Evan's kicks were flicking and so MUCH better than Kayla's (because I was looking at their kicks) and then came the comments I referenced above where we saw actual evidence that Mary was bashing on Evan and praising Kayla when Evan didn't do what she said he did, and Kayla did.

UGH!! I was so happy when that auditorium starting chanting Evan's name because, damnit, it's the only full validation he's gotten all season long. He was in tears?! I was near tears because he's worked so hard, and done so much and yet he just keeps getting the short end of the sick, he's gone first or second for the last five weeks! He's gotten the shittiest numbers with the shittiest routines and is ripped apart by the judges EVERY SINGLE WEEK WITHOUT FAIL! while everyone else hasn't had to get even a quarter of the crap he has from the judges. Ugh.

I want him to win sooooooooooo badly just to piss Mary and Nigel off who've been trying all season long to get him voted out. UGH! SO MAD AT THEM! And I feel so bad for my Evan. WIN, BROADWAY BOY, WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
harper47harper47 on August 6th, 2009 03:28 pm (UTC)
Aww. I was prepared because of the spoilers but it was still hard to watch. But I've made my peace. He lit up my stage and I think he knows that people love him. I don't think he'll let those judges destroy him. I mean America voted him into the final four so he is clearly loved. I hope he just shrugs things off and has a wonderful life.

He's too far behind in Dial Idol. I don't think he has a chance to win. I like Jeanine so I'm okay with it.

Sorry I couldn't chat on Twitter. I was voting my ass off. Hee!
Kit: terminator!tvtimetictactardis on August 6th, 2009 08:12 pm (UTC)
I was unbelievably ticked at the judges this week. Not that they haven't been that way every. single. week. Sigh.

I must admit, it was rather funny to see them "complimenting" Evan. The only thing they could think to say was "um, you're well-liked", because god forbid they praise his dancing.

Which, by the way, was incredible. My dad, who doesn't even LIKE dancing, compared him to Fred Astaire.

I full-on cheered when the audience started up that chant. Guaranteed that after that Nigel ran to complain to the stage manager.

And I am so pulling for a surprise Evan win. I'm kind of doubting that it'll happen, but wouldn't that be AWESOME? The look on the judges' faces would be priceless.