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27 April 2009 @ 07:50 am
The Amazing Race  
A few quick thoughts about The Amazing Race (mostly about Jaime/Cara) ...

1.) They DID NOT steal that cab from Tammy/Victor. They were speaking to the driver, Tammy asked over them (in Chinese) the directions, and then when the driver answered in the affirmative, Tammy proceeded to try and take the cab despite the fact that Jaime was there first and had been talking to the driver first and had not given up on that driver at that point.

2.) It was Jen/Keisha who said they all looked alike, NOT Jaime/Cara.

3.) Jen/Keisha's comments were pretty bad and people can sugarcoat all they want, but yeah, they were racist, first time saying them or not. Jaime/Cara? Sorry, I don't consider them being racist. Jaime's just annoyed when people don't speak English. Not racist, just a stupid annoyance when you're traveling around the world. But she doesn't insult the different races the way Jen and Keisha did.

4.) I felt so bad for them it was a continuation and it really wasn't fair because the clue DID say "pit stop." Now, I'm thinking that, yeah, they don't make it to the final three because they've spent sooooooooo much time on the other three stories.

Finally, ah well, I do like Tammy/Victor so I'd be cool with them winning at this point. But I do love my redheads. Sigh.
harper47harper47 on April 28th, 2009 04:26 pm (UTC)
I didn't think anyone covered themselves in glory this week. I do assume killer fatigue is really hitting everyone hard. And yes, I agree that the taxi was theirs. I find Victor and Tammy a little shady about things like that so I don't think Jamie and Cara were in the wrong.

I honestly can't tell who is in the finale at this point since all four teams have had a lot of air time. I just really want anyone but St. Luke to win. Anyone.