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13 April 2009 @ 11:38 pm
Some Monday Night TV thoughts ...  
Monday night TV, but for 24 and Castle. I'll probably do a second post for those two that includes the as yet unwatched Dollhouse and The Amazing Race. I'm planning on writing posts on the season (yes, damnit! season) finales of Life and Terminator (both BEYOND AWESOME!) later this week. But for now ...

The Big Bang Theory

OH. MY. GOD!!!!! I was NOT, and I mean NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT!!!!!!!!! expecting that. My mouth literally dropped open in shock. That they made a LITERAL, EXACT comparison between Stuart and Sheldon and then had Penny REALIZE it was whoah!!!!!!!!!!! Dudes, they are totally leading up to Sheldon and Penny.

About Stuart, I was kinda glad that he was just his own guy when we met him (not a copy-cat of any of our nerds), and then basically, they DID make him more like Sheldon. I mean, dude, they're really doing Sheldon and Penny. They really are! I wrote this whole thing laying down my reasons why I thought so, but this?!?!? I'm like, whoah! They are REALLY going there.

SQUEE!!! And, and, and ... you know what I also noticed? When Leonard said he and Stuart were exactly alike, the first descriptor that Sheldon used to tell them apart was ... Stuart is taller.

As is Sheldon. Uh huh.

Overall, other than finding Leonard's negativity a tad annoying, hilarious episode as usual and Sheldon was just slaying me ALL EPISODE long. How Jim Parsons memorized and recited that Drake's Theory thing is awe-inspiring!!!!

Great show, and I loved how Raj settled on being happy and snug in his bedmate's arms.

How I Met Your Mother

Can I just say SQUEE!!!!!!!!! and leave it at that? Oh, alright. Apparently Kourtnay Kang -- who also wrote "Sandcastles in the Sand," "Slap Bet" and "Benefits" (among others) -- wrote this episode. Clearly, she -- like the evil diabolical puppet-master that is Lily -- is a keeper. Speaking of ... "We didn't see her four weeks." BEST. WRITE-OUT. FOR. A. PREGNANCY. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- "She's the greatest woman alive!" HEE! And I really loved watching Robin because when he said that, there was this look of 'what?! whu!?!?' on her face (played quite beautifully by Cobie Smulders) then, of course, she was distracted by Barney's over the top response, followed by Marshall storming off with him. LOVED THAT!!! Oh, Marshall!!!

- Speaking of ... I'm loving more Marshall/Barney. They are gold together.

- Hmm, erm, can Ted just be written off? No, no, he can't, because if he was we wouldn't get lines like this following Robin's talking to the table, "it said you were a douche." HEE! No, seriously, I do like Ted, but most of the enjoyment I get out of him are his cluelessly pretentious ways and the way the rest of the gang make fun of him for them. Hee!

Great episode. Just great.

Dancing with the Stars

Some really lovely dances tonight. None of the jives did anything for me particuarlly though. But then the Rumba is so my favorite dance, so I'm not surprised my two faves were two of those.

Chelsie/Ty - I love you so, but that was bad. I don't think it's gonna happen if at this late in the game, he's still that stiff and uncomfortable. He's getting by on his charm and likability, plus the adorableness of he and Chelsie together, but after Steve-O and Lawrence, he should go. Unless he dramatically improves, which I would love!! But based on this and last week? Only Steve-O is a worse dancer (and Lawrence is just so boring).

Mark/Shawn - No chemistry, boring, she's really plateaued for me and all I kept seeing when I watched her dance was how the professionals would do the moves and that's not a good thing.

Edyta/Lawrence - Love Edyta, bored silly by Lawrence and the two of them. :Yawn:

Tony/Melissa - I thought this was beautiful, really pretty overall. I liked the balletic quality of it, so that that Len!! It was just really, really nice. I didn't like Tony's top at first, but once they started dancing, it just added this lyrical beauty to the routine. Lovely choice. The dance itself was so good that it outweighed the butchering of that song. ::Shivers::

Derek/Lil' Kim - I disagreed with the judges. I could see her thinking through every single move, and lot of it looked (and this is seriously not intended as a pun) like she was pulling just a little short of completing the move. It's not her size though. Chelsie is dinky and she's a gorgeous dancer. It just wasn't working for me tonight and I thought they were wildly overpraised AND overscored.

Lacey/Steve-O - Aside from her once again fantastically skank-tastic outfit (gah!), all I took from this routine is MY. GOD. Steve-O can NOT dance. Please put me out of my misery. Vote him off. PLEASE!

Cheryl/Gilles - He's fun and sexy and can dance. End of story. They'll win, he'll deserve it, but I'll still be annoyed with Cheryl winning thrice cuz I don't like her, oh well. He's hot and charming. And he CAN dance. With that said, I agree with Len that it was a little too frantic again. Normally, that's an issue I have with Julianne's choreography, so I was surprised to see it twice in a row with Cheryl.

Julianne/Chuck - Likely, I'm in the minority because of the belief so many have that Julianne gets preferential treatment on the show (which I just do not see at all!!! yeah, she gets coverage outside of it, but that's because she's popular), but I really think they were underscored tonight. I wasn't expecting much from the Rumba because they haven't shown much chemistry on the dance floor so far. They pleasantly surprised me tonight, although I will say that I didn't like the costuming. Something nice and flowy for her, and casual slacks, shirt for him, I think, would have worked much better and would have taken aspects of the raunch out of it for Len. But this dance was no more steamy/raunchy than Cheryl/Gilles from a few weeks ago that got the perfect 30. I still think that Len just has some issue with Julianne going back to her first season. He excuses things in others all the time, that he will not overlook and harps upon with Julianne. Oh, well.

About the dance itself, other than a few off movements, I thought Chuck did, by far, the best he has yet. I was really impressed with him, and they actually had chemistry this time around (still, not as much as Julianne and Apolo, but those two REALLY had it!). Overall, I thought it was beautiful and sensual and sexy ... what a Rumba is supposed to be. They should have easily gotten 9's. Easily. And had Chuck been Shawn, Melissa, Lil' Kim or Gilles, he would have. Probably a 10 as well. Totally unfair judging.

Again, I know I'll be in the minority because almost everyone hates her now ::shrugs:: I don't know why, probably never will get it. And for the first time, Chuck didn't try too hard in the interview part and so he was much more likable for me. I thought it was a great routine, the best of the night, hands down.
lavender goomsthe_spin on April 14th, 2009 04:24 am (UTC)
HIMYM was like... so awesome that I want to cry. SO AWESOME. Marshall and Barney together is pure gold, and Robin continues to be one of my favorite characters ever invented, and the dirty joke thing made me laugh so hard because it's totally a variation on a joke that my BFF loves to tell all the freaking time, and usually gets appalled silence in response AHAHAHA.
Maura!: + bb: are you even listening?fujiidom on April 14th, 2009 04:27 am (UTC)
How Jim Parsons memorized and recited that Drake's Theory thing is awe-inspiring!

They both thought coffee meant coffee, too. And they rambled on debating comic books into the night. It was ...so obvious. I think they kept it ambiguous enough to be viewed as neutral, if you aren't looking for the S/P. I like this approach because I think it's going to keep inching in that direction and not forced on us too quickly. I'm glad.
Brandy: go to a ravebrandyleigh on April 14th, 2009 02:53 pm (UTC)
Yeah, definitely didn't think that last night's episode of TBBT would be setting up Penny and Sheldon for real! But it totally did. I liked Stuart, though, and not just because of his similarities to Sheldon. I kinda hated previously when it always felt like the show wanted us to think that Penny should date Leonard just because he's nicer than all the jerks she normally dates, despite them not having any sexual chemistry. Penny going out on a date with Stuart showed that it doesn't have to be one or the other - she can have a good date with a guy and he doesn't have to be a jerk nor does he have to be someone she's not really attracted to, like Leonard.

HIMYM was wonderful, too - I loved Barney and Marshall bonding, Ted's douchiness and Robin pointing it out, plus Robin being so uncomfortable when PJ got super clingy. If Barney keeps having outbursts like he did at the booth, I think Robin will eventually get a clue. I personally think she's been pretty oblivious all season, since she's been dealing with her own problems, but the look on her face when Barney freaked out was the first time where I thought that she might actually suspect something.
WeHo M.: HIMYM - Awesome squared?afrocurl on April 14th, 2009 06:16 pm (UTC)
I really did like HIMYM this week. Oh, Lily being disgusted by the joke was a good write out. THANK YOU SHOW!