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05 November 2007 @ 10:08 pm
DwtS - tonight's show  
I really loved two dances tonight, so yay! And enjoyed most of the night.

While I really enjoy Mel B and love Maks, I've just found myself bored throughout their routines. That changed tonight with their Pase Doble. I absolutely loved it and fully agree with their perfect score. I think this contest is Mel B's to lose now.

Sigh, and lose I want her to ... to Jennie. I know she's nervous, I know she's not quite there yet, but there is such a beautiful fluidity to her movements when she gets it that I'm riveted. I love, love Derek's choreography and I just adore watching these two perform. Their second dance was my other favorite of the night.

As for my Julianne, I think she learned her lesson very quickly after that Tango. She CLEARLY tried to choreograph a dance that was centered around chemistry between partners (as worked so magnificently with her and Apolo). The cold shower awakening from the judges that she doesn't have that chemistry with Helio was obviously learned. Their samba tonight was choreographed individualistically sexy, as opposed to creating a sexual connection between the partnership. Wise decision. Helio's still not all that, and what bums me most is that Julianne has clearly toned down the choreography because while Apolo could handle it, Helio can't. (Ah, at least I have my awesome Hough choreography from Derek whose partner CAN handle it. Yay!)

Anyhoo, I'm hoping for a Jennie win now. I think she has a shot, but I really think it's Mel B's to lose. If she wins, I won't be disappointed. I just won't be excited.
harper47harper47 on November 6th, 2007 11:28 am (UTC)
Whereas I think Jennie has a better shot than Mel to win based on the editing Mel is getting (old people who watch this will think Mel is bitchy) and Jennie's angsty stuff plays more sympathetic. I'll be happy with either of them though.

Sadly I think Marie Osmond is the far bigger threat. Sigh.