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This isn't quite a Take Two, but it sorta, kinda is since I touch upon stuff that happened in the second episode so much that is such a take-off for my theory basically that this essentially is a deeper, extended take on what happened in that episode and where it's leading. And if I'm right, well, they've REALLY laid the ground work. And considering the episodes that I'm referencing were written by Caroline Dries (with Brian Young for the season finale) and Julie Plec, well, I think that's saying indeed they were laying the ground work. And I do also talk a bit about the episode as well so it is more or less Take Two-ish.

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OK, so I have to go to sleep early tonight so this is going to be bullet-style and no gifs. Sorry. :( And in chronological order because I wrote this mostly while watching the show in between commercial breaks—with additional thoughts at the end.

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03 October 2014 @ 07:17 am
Our long, dark summer has passed and The Vampire Diaries is once more with us. AAAAAAHHHHHH! The crowd cheers. Dare I say it? I will. Behind the cut, not too many words. I think. Maybe. We'll see. I was wrong. Of course.

Note: Just a quick heads-up, first as always, yup, still doing the whole spoiler-free thing, and still going completely whole hog spoiler-free. That means no episode descriptions, no episode stills, nothing! So please don't reference any spoilers at all, if it hasn't aired, please don't talk about it.

Also, (and this is already mentioned in a few comment—sadding this a bit late, but for any future comments) new thing that I'm doing starting this season with regards for speculation about promos for the next episode. When it comes to this show, I realized that we just don't know what anything means. We're getting 20-30 seconds out of 42-44 minutes of an episode and it's not even necessarily 20-30 seconds that is going to be in the finished product that makes it onto the air. So, I'm not going to speculate based on the promos anymore because those promos can mean anything. We just don't know. Any speculation I do in my posts is going to be based purely on episodes that have aired from now. :Nods emphatically: So on with the episode! Whee! Because my show is back!

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11 August 2014 @ 10:39 pm
So, this is based on an instagram Nina Dobrev posted about 3 weeks ago which I can't find right now, but I'll describe behind the cut and the episode title of the premiere, again, I'll put behind the cut. (And this should be the extent of my being spoiled for the premiere hopefully.)

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04 August 2014 @ 08:16 am
So I started a rewatch of TVD... and I'm actually going to do posts for all the season 01 episodes that I didn't do posts for (namely every episode except for "Miss Mystic Falls"). I plan on writing them as if I haven't seen the upcoming episodes. I'm writing them like I write current episodes. Jotting my thoughts down and then pulling them out into my longer, flowing posts. I don't expect them to be terribly long, but still, I'm gonna write season 01 episode posts! Woohoo!!!

Right now, I'm just jotting the notes down for all the episodes because I don't want to slow down my rewatch that much and since I've watched season 01 so many times, it's pretty simple. I'll probably just steadily work on the episodes over time. But I'm surprised at how easy it is to write even the notes down as if I don't know what's to come. Hopefully the posts come as easily. :)
Just a heads-up. Fair warning, this post (this very, very long post—I mean, ya'll, it's 11,000 words) does contain vague spoilers per Julie Plec for season 06 from the post-season-finale interviews. Just vague though, I'm still a spoiler-free queen. And it is looong. And has gifs. And did I mention it's long? And hopefully worth the wee wait.

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28 June 2014 @ 03:12 am
So, I made a new LJ header. I know, I know, I should be working on my finale post, but do you really want me to work on it when I don't feel like it? It won't be as good and detailed and thinky-thought as it should be if I'm forcing myself? Right? Right. Anyhoo! Whee! New banner. I have a Damon/Elena shot from each season, a girls shot (Elena, Caroline, Bonnie), a boys shot (Damon and his minions, hehehehe), Damon/Stefan, Damon/Alaric (he's back! team badass! will be back!) and Stefan/Caroline. Because I'm SOOOOOOOO happy with TVD, I decided to go with a full-on fictional theme and give my precious Nian babies the privacy they clearly want. Good on them! Hopefully, my bb Matt gets someone long-term I can fully ship him with next season (since Rebekah is clearly out of the question, gee, thanks Julie, pfft!, and Katherine is, well, ya'll know what happened with her. Oh, Katherine...). We'll see. And Bonnie and Jeremy are adorable, but the passionate side of things with them just doesn't do anything for me, so I'm sticking with D/E and S/C as my couples du jour in my theme! So pretty!

Yes, yes, the post will come. I SWEAR!!!!
This is so not the actual post. Just saying. I'm tired. I need to rewatch the episode, do gifs, write lots and lots of words, etc., etc., but I had to get something out now before I get that post up which probably won't get done for a few more days yet, if not longer.

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