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It's Thursd Friday and The Vampire Diaries post is finally here! Sorry for the delay. Blame it on a late start and the amount of gifs! And the wordy mcwords. But here, my post, at last. :)

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Yay, The Vampire Diaries! Whee!

First I must address my little frustrated vent of a few days ago. I must apologize. It was, ahem, that time of the month and my emotions got the better of me. I always say that one shouldn't let frustrations over stuff that has yet to air get you worked up and I did exactly that. Honestly even before the episode aired, I was feeling better for the most part and had calmed down. I think I just needed to get my 'wah! I miss my couple frustrations!' out. I do trust this show and their writers and the journey that they're taking especially with regards to Damon and Elena. Furthermore, I had told myself (and you guys) no more speculation—because it's just so useless and leads to, well, frustration, LOL) and then I went and did it again. Arggh! So no more! I will just let it play out, I swear! No more speculation! Well, at least until at least the hiatus…that's fair!

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New theory that's a variation on the original theory (so, yes, if you read the first post, a lot of this is a rehash of that). So first, lemme repeat what I wrote in the other post here about Elena's memories loss, why, Damon's insecurities, no one getting it, etc.

Remember: NO SPOILERS AT ALL PLEASE! Thank you!

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25 October 2014 @ 08:18 am
Sorry for the delay, as I mentioned to suckerfordelena, I wasn't feeling like doing the write-up last night and I quite enjoyed this one and I wanted to do the episode justice so I waited until I was more feeling it. So here you go. (And it's nearly 6,000 words. Yeah.)

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This isn't quite a Take Two, but it sorta, kinda is since I touch upon stuff that happened in the second episode so much that is such a take-off for my theory basically that this essentially is a deeper, extended take on what happened in that episode and where it's leading. And if I'm right, well, they've REALLY laid the ground work. And considering the episodes that I'm referencing were written by Caroline Dries (with Brian Young for the season finale) and Julie Plec, well, I think that's saying indeed they were laying the ground work. And I do also talk a bit about the episode as well so it is more or less Take Two-ish.

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OK, so I have to go to sleep early tonight so this is going to be bullet-style and no gifs. Sorry. :( And in chronological order because I wrote this mostly while watching the show in between commercial breaks—with additional thoughts at the end.

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